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Game shows, really?...

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Dc have been sick for the past week, so I've been pretty lenient about tv time. We only have a handful of channels not locked, including the game show channel.


So dd and ds were playing Monopoly. Ds said to me, "Mom, if your love life was a movie, how would your rate it?"




"Uh, a good solid 'G'," I said. (I never said I was witty or quick.)

Dh entered from the left and said, " 'G' For Great?" and passes us into the kitchen.(( :lol:))






"Uh, sure. Ds, why in the world do you ask?" I said.

"Because it was a question on Family Feud. Most of the people answered 'R' or 'X'. I don't even know what 'X' means," he answered.


"Huh. Oh." I nodded and walked away. (Okay, so at least I've done something right.)


Me thinks it may be time for another television hiatus.

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Family Feud is kind of famous for double entendres. So is Password. And if you ever watch a rerun of The Dating Game from the 70's - watch out!


I haven't watched it in about 25 years! I guess, if I remember correctly, it was probably over my head at that age. I also remember the Newlywed Game as being a little riske. But we really like trivia (cash cab is a fav around here), so I guess I was a little surprised, really.

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