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At what point do they prescribe BP Medication?

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My BP has been borderline for a few years now. Of course, it might be due to the meds I am on, where a side effect is hypertension. Plus, I am a tad bit overweight by about 15 pounds. Lost 5 of it so far.


It runs on average 158/90 to 140/90. Every once in a while it will be 128/80.


I worry because both my parents have high BP. My father, had undiagnosed high BP, and suffered a cerebral hemmorrhage at the age of 48. He is still alive, but is paralyzed on one side, has a shunt, and does not speak well.


My mother, also went undiagnosed for YEARS, and she was admitted into the hospital after an ER visit, and they took her BP and it was 210/110!!!!! She was 64. Her BP is now under control.


I couldn't believe she didn't stroke out!!


So, that is why I am asking. At what BP do they start you on BP medication?


I do not want to take any more meds!! (I am on one for IBS, one for anxiety, and I am weaning off an antidepressent as of today).


I am trying to lose weight and eat healthier. But curious about the medication.

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Hon, you should be on BP meds already. My BP runs about 130/85 to about 140/90 and I have been on it for years. I am very thin, have excellent cholesterol and triglycerides. I exercise and eat right but I have a horrible family history and my BP spikes any time I am in pain (which is not infrequently due to the fact that I am a chronic pain patient). I personally would feel comfortable not taking them but my family and doctor is insistant so I take it for them. I am really surprised that your doctor hasn't pressed you on this already.

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I ran right at 140/90 for quite awhile. I had a lot of trouble of running in the 90s on that bottom number. The top number did a lot of bouncing in the 130s and 140s but sometimes was a little lower. We just kept talking about it. I did have an unrelated stroke in 2006 (at 31yrs old!).


I am no longer running high most of the time though.


I wonder if you've tried diet and exercise. Maybe if you ate raw during the day (cooking, using animal products, etc at supper only?). Can you get in a daily walk and/or an exercise video or whatever?


Also, you might consider some heart healthy supplements to help.


I agree with you that it would be nice if you didn't go on medication for it.

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You know, for over 18 years, every time I went to the dentist or doctor, they would say "Oh, BTW, your BP is high...maybe you are nervous about being here..." and that was it. Once a dr. gave me a med, made me quite sick. The next time my neurologist (15 years later) gave me a med, made me very ill, last summer after major surgery they tried another med - so sick we almost went to the ER.


This year I was FINALLY told, I MUST have a med, which I balked at due to the horrible sickness. But evidently, they found one that worked and now my BP is normal.


All this to say, in my case at least, no one really got on the stick about it, including me until way late in the game. I suggest you keep track of your BP, take it morning and evening and if you see constant highs, show your findings to your doctor and get meds. It may take awhile to find one that wont mess you up, but do it!!!!! Dont wait!!!

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Okay, I do take my BP here and I usually get lower readings then what they get. If it is in the 90's(bottom number again), I will discuss diet(which I am doing WW now, and eating healthier, have not eaten a potato chip in 3 weeks..LOL) or medication.


Plus I am weaning off a med that one of the side effects is hypertension. So that is another issue as to.



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Keep working at lowering it with your doctor but remember that taking the medication is much better than a stroke. You can get it to the normal ranges one way or the other. :thumbup:


Once your on meds, are you always on meds??


What about natural meds like Fish Oil?

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Oh, I was doing some reading, and it looks like if I stay where I am , I would have stage 1 hypertension. And all that might be needed is a diuretic. That in itself may lower it, along with me losing some weight, I may be able to come off of it.


When I think of HBP, I think OMG this is a terrible diagnosis that I cannot treat.


When in fact, I have read this is very treatable.


If my BP is the same tomorrow, I will insist on a diuretic(although I believe it is going to make me pee alot....LOL, wonder if that will take some pounds off...okay, well water weight. We'll go with that:D)


I also understand there is little to no side effects.


Thanks ladies. I would have never known about this unless you told me I should be on some kind of management. Not ONE Dr. has mentioned any meds. They did not fee it was warranted.



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