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EPGY Open enrollment- 2 classes added!


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I just wanted to update everyone with part of an email I received today:


Stanford EPGY Open Enrollment Program is happy to announce the addition

of two more courses to our program. For a slight additional fee

students can now sign up for Introduction to Algebra and Reading Writing

and Literature. Our epgy.stanford.edu/district website has also been

updated. Please take a minute to view the site and become familiar with

the new information.

To add the new courses students must first enroll in the two basic

courses. A student cannot switch from a completed course to one of the

new courses. In other words courses can be added but not dropped.

Thanks for your commitment to furthering your students education with

the Stanford EPGY Open Enrollment Program.

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http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108566&highlight=EPGY+open+enrollment is the original EPGY thread. I started an EPGY open enrollment group under my homeschool and extended enrollment options to members of this and the Davidson Institute Forum who are interested in using this program with their children. If you have more questions feel free to PM.

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I am looking at this for next year, but had some questions for families using it now. How do the kids like it? Could a 6 yo benefit from it if he is already doing 2-3rd grade math and LA, or would it be better to wait? How much is the parent involved since it is online? What materials exactly are part of the program? Are there still 'seats' available in this group?


Thanks for any info!

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Sorry, things have been really busy around here lately and I somehow missed the questions attached.


http://epgy.stanford.edu/district/ is the main information page on the EPGY Open Enrollment site. You can toggle the links on the right.


http://epgy.stanford.edu/courses/math/elem.html is a link for demo lessons and content listing for the math classes, the exception being algebra, that would fall under upper level math vs. elementary but is available.


http://epgy.stanford.edu/courses/english/elem.html is more information about the english offerings.


I have my oldest DD9 using the EPGY math program. We use it for 25 minutes a day then I teach from the textbook we are using, at a higher level. My DD enjoys the program and is doing well but math isn't her favorite subject, even though she does very well with it. She still needs some outside interaction. My DD9 tried ALEKS last year and although she completed the program and did very well, she didn't retain a lot of it so I am making sure to keep my hands in the pie so to speak. That is also why we started at a lower level to fill in any gaps and make sure she has a good understanding before we get farther into the higher math. The program is set up for them to move quickly if they understand the concept so she isn't minding the review at this point. I plan to start my DD6's with the program, most likely next year. I plan to use it as a supplement to their present program as well.


EPGY itself is considered a complete and comprehensive program and is used by many schools as written, so it just depends on you, your child, and your approach to math as far as how you choose to use it with your child. :)


The LAW is very staight forward and is written differently than the math format. I am told it takes a little getting used to and some fine motor control to manipulate the click and drag that is in a lot of the exercises.


RAW is specific to the books you choose from the available list.


The program runs independently with a parent acting as teacher for any concept a child might struggle with. You are also the one who would review your childs progress and go over those concepts that need reinforcement. I only get reports once a child falls below 80%; the program is set up for the child to maintain grades above 80% average in order to benefit fully from the material.

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Thanks! It definitely looks interesting, I'm just not sure how ds5 would fare working on the computer so much. He doesn't like to do anything independently. :glare: We're working on that, just a little independent handwriting work each day (about 10 minutes), but I'm hoping to gradually increase it. Maybe by next year...

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