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Anyone have any connection to Kirby vacuums?

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We are absolutely furious at the moment. We have just learned that sometime in the last two to three weeks a Kirby vacuum salesman sold my mother-in-law a $2100 vacuum. Now this isn't a complaint about the quality of Kirby. No doubt some find this higher end vacuum worth the money. HOWEVER, my mother-in-law is 81 years old, widowed, lives alone in a 1300 square foot house with all wood floors! Yes, I realize that they can be of some benefit to wood floors but SHE CAN'T EVEN LIFT IT AND hasn't even turned it on because she can't figure out how! When my brother-in-law went to check on her (we all live about an hour away) he saw it stashed in a corner. She was embarrassed that she had done it. He asked her why she did and she said she just didn't feel good that day and felt really pressured. We are trying to get the info of the seller right now but this makes me so furious. Yes, I know, we need to reevaluate her ability to live alone but, until now, we have had no reason to think there was any question and no one has taken advantage of her. I don't want to deny someone the opportunity to make a living but it passes the boundaries of ethical in my book to pressure an 81 year old lady to spend over $2000 when she only has wood floors and can't even lift it. Thanks for letting me vent.

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This exact same thing happened to my dad; he was 80 years old. My dad didn't tell me until several months after the fact I found out. His arm strength was so weak he couldn't move the vacuum. He said he kept telling the salesman no, I too big, I can't afford it, but the salesman wore him down. My father lived in a retirement subdivision. I had an opportunity later to give a Kirby salesman a piece of my mind - for all the good it did.


Good luck.



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Perhaps since it's only been a couple of weeks you can return it. I'm sure something like that comes with at least a 30 day money back guarantee.


I'm so sorry this happened. What a disaster.


My mother in law has a Kirby and I LOVE it. I borrow it whenever I can, but it is quite spendy and I simply cannot afford it.


But I do love my Oreck.

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