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Help me out with an online poll, please?

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There's a poll on a local news website:


Do you think parents or guardians who home school their children should be

required to have teaching credentials to do so?






No opinion


The site is




Look for the poll about half way down on the right side of the page. (You have to scroll down.)



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don't we kind of skew the results though? I voted btw, just wondering.


I was hoping to skew the results. That's what everyone does for these online polls!


But really, the point (for me) of skewing results is so people realize that there are a lot of people out there that don't want homeschooling regulated. (I found out about the poll from HSLDA, I think- I'm still on an e-mail list from when I went to a CHEC conference I think.)


No one should think that an online poll is scientific. On the 9News website it says that the poll is for entertainment value only.


Thanks for voting!

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It's skewed alright. Every homeschool group I'm on put out an e-mail to vote! Once the word was out, the no votes rose dramatically. It's nice to see homeschoolers rise to the challenge though. :)


Absolutely. It's usually a minority that fights the most to keep our rights, IMO--I have no stats or polls to prove that;)

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