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the Vatican newspaper praises values in the new Harry Potter movie

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I am sure that Jo Rowling (Presbyterian) is glad to have the endorsement of the Vatican. :)


Seriously, it is great when the church recognizes that the story is ultimately about good vs. evil. I'm reading Real Education (Murray) right now, and one of his chief concerns about America's PS system is that we don't do a good job with MORAL education, teaching kids the importance of being GOOD, not just the importance of being smart.


I've always thought HP was more about good vs. evil than magic vs. unmagical.


And I have my tickets for the midnight premiere!

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Thank you for posting this.


I don't think that many people realize how "logically" the Holy See approaches things. They tend to be quite reasonable on most issues (they even apologized for the Galileo mess...).




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Naneeenanee boo-boo. We saw it a few hours ago here in Seoul!!!


Ahhhh, I love me some Harry. The experience was a bit marred by snacking on dried squid as opposed to popcorn, but still altogether satisfying. I am so, so, so glad we got to see it on premier day, even over here. I had prepared DDs for waiting a few weeks until the military theatre got it in, but we didn't have to wait at all and in fact saw it earlier than we would have in the states!!

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