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Heard from my Workers Compensation case manager, aka 'The Hag'.


Basically, the IME (Independent Medical Exam) said the exam was incomplete or some crud. Can't even remember the term she used now. Basically, because he chose not to do the full exam because it was causing me pain, he didn't have enough info to render any decisions.


BUT...he did say that apparently I don't have CRPS any more. To have CRPS, I need a score of 8, I scored 4. I didn't show all the physical symptoms needed for a score of 8.


I want to scream. Or kick the cat. One of the issues with CRPS is that the physical symptoms are NOT static. They come and go, and that basically means squat...unless you're dealing with WCB. The Hag compared it to leukemia today, and said I was in remission. They just can't figure out why the pain. And why I'm on so many drugs and still have pain.


Uh, my pain specialist explained this crap to me almost a year ago. RSD/CPRS is a nervous system issue. IT DOESN'T GO AWAY, despite physical symptoms being present or not (skin discolouration, skin temp, swelling) pain is an issue, and for ME, the best he hoped for was a 30% reduction. He's the SPECIALIST, that is known in my city for dealing with the hardest cases, RSD and oncology. And that was HIS optimum outcome for me. And this Hag thinks because the physical symptoms aren't present for the IME, then its in remission.


And I don't get the freaking not present either. My hand was swollen and purple and cold that day. I suppose that accounts for THREE of the four flipping check marks on his list.


So now they're trying to decide if they're sending me away to a pain clinic for 5 weeks or not. At which point I'll be forced to refuse, which will have me non-compliant, cut off benefits, and without my income until appeals are completed. Yippee.


I want to cry.



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:grouphug: I'm so sorry you are going through this.

I'm not familiar with your history, so forgive me if you've answered this before around here. I'm assuming they ordered the IME because your specialist was not able to provide them with enough information? Since the exam was not completed, I can't imagine that the company would have much to stand on in making ANY decisions. If they ordered an IME, tell them that you want a completed IME.


Also, is your specialist willing / able to provide additional information. Better yet, would your specialist be willing to speak with the IME doctor to discuss their shared findings? Please don't be discouraged. Don't just let them do what they want. Ensure they have their facts before making any determinations. The time to make a fuss is now (before a decision is made). If you are just sending in appeals after the fact you are more on the defensive and have more to prove. Right now they should be on the defensive and have more to prove.


Don't be discouraged and don't give up.:grouphug:

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I do not know the answer, forgive me if this is not an option but in the US you really must have an attorney for workers compensation. There is a reason the whole picture changes once an attorney is dealing with the case but perhaps you do not have that option. RSD is a real bugaboo in that many "experts," treat it as if it were another form of fibromyalgia. Of course these same rheumatologists/immunologists deny that fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy or chronic fatigue syndrome even exist. If you can ,hire an attorney for Workers Compensation. Work Comp is the specialty my brother in law practices in and let me tell you ,those WC representatives and company doctors do not fool with their games of hurry up and wait or deny the reality of the afflicted workers symptoms. Truly the right person for the job makes all the difference in the world. I clerked for a Work Comp attorney for years , it was a thing of beuaty to see the bullies back into a corner during a depo . Perhaps this is not an option where you reside.

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My specialist has given them full info. Actually, my *two* specialists have. As well as my gp. A previous IME confirmed that I indeed had CRPS, but disagreed with my ability to work...which had me back at work, something that failed miserably, since my 3 drs all said I was unfit for any level of employment, I ended up in the ER due to pain on my 2nd day of work after 2 hrs. At 'sedentary level'. Which had me on my feet the 2 hrs, just not using my rt arm at all.


IME is ordered whenever they dislike what my specialists say. They can order as many as they please, as I understand it, just not the same sort of specialist, they have to be different ones. My first IME was with a physiatrist. This one was a neurosurgeon. Oh, and they sent me for a psych assessment, which blew up in their faces. Apparently, I'm frighteningly psychologically healthy, as well as bright. And, I'm guessing, it showed that I'm not lying, malingering, or just jerking around.


Attorneys in Canada won't touch WCB. At least none that *I* can find here in my city. The one I *did* talk to only gets involved when its time for appeals. Until then, I was told they can do as they like, and I have to either cooperate, or go to appeal. I *do* have a union, which is one good thing. Problem is, my case mgr at WCB is known to be one of the worst. She's gotten a treatment for me denied that's been approved for other WCB claimants. :glare:


I wish I had an attorney that could make them straighten up and quit jerking me around. Canada just doesn't give that option, because the pay out isn't worth it for lawyers. Nice, eh?

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:grouphug: Medical science is not all its cracked up to be. For anything similar to your condition that Medical science only has treatments for (no known cause or cure) I always go to a Natural Doctor or Eastern Doctor. I have gotten answers and wonderful treatment/cures from Electrodermal testing (also called EDT it is based on the science of accupuncture). Whatever you decide, I wish you relief.

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They pay me, replacing my income from what I was making on the job. What they're supposed to do, as a basic start...


I honestly feel battered. I just can't do this, keep doing this.


I say that, I feel that so completely, but what choice do I have? I. Am. Disabled. I cannot function ever again as I did. I cannot work. My family needs the money. I need the medication that WCB pays for, which is roughly $800-$1000 a month. The current meds don't do much, granted, but better than nothing.


I just feel ground under. Crushed. And that theres nothing more on the horizon but more of the same.


I just don't know how much I truly can take any more.


I guess its good I see my psychologist tonight. *sigh*

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That's the thing. My three doctors believe me. The psychiatrist they sent me to for evaluation believed me. The psychologist they have me seeing biweekly believes me.


Its WCB case mgr thats the issue, that keeps insisting that I'm somehow 'all better' 'in remission' and 'can't understand why you're still in pain and can't use your arm'. And *she* is the one that makes the decisions on my file. Unless and until it gets to an appeal situation, thats how it stands. I can't afford to call an appeal just because I'm exhausted and crushed. Financially we can't. I have to hang in until she forces me into it, either by demanding that I go away from my family for 5 weeks to attend a pain clinic, or decides I'm non compliant and ends my benefits.


Those are my options.

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GRRRR! WCB in this province stinks! Can the specialist not write a letter or redo the exam or something to prove that you require their services? I am thinking if they are saying the form is incomplete, you go back to the dr to have it redone and stress to him the importance of listing the 8 points for WCB. Get the full exam even though it causes pain so that the form is complete and you will get the help you deserve from WCB.

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