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  1. Here's the one we have: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JSC012M?ref=emc_b_5_i&th=1 I like all the seating options (with or without the carseat, forward or rear facing, etc.). We walk to get our groceries frequently. When we do, I wear DS6mos and (with the carseat installed), I can fit two weeks of groceries in the basket and top. Even with all the groceries, it still moves really easily with the three wheels. For us, we do most of our errands by walking so a stroller is really important. When it just holds DS, he is comfortable and it's handy not to have to wake him up. We can just whe
  2. My little guinea pig photo is my own. Sorry this is happening, SWB.
  3. Flashcards and an abacus. He used the abacus for the concrete meanings and once he understood what each thing represented, he just memorized them. It took a long time (to him) and he worked on it everyday during our school time. At the end he timed himself to try to beat his score. One other thing is that we did addition and subtraction together and multiplication and division together. They are in the same fact families then and they are all just to opposites of one another. So he'd be doing the two functions together all the time.
  4. That's great!! I love it :D Great job Mom (and DD)!!
  5. Amen! Go "team nerd" :lol: DH and I joke that our four children are the result of "nerd love" LOL This board is so good for feeling comfortable teaching our children exactly what they are interested in at whatever level that is.
  6. :hurray: Now can you remember where you were going? LOL :lol: I'm glad I can go to sleep knowing you weren't still looking for them....
  7. Thanks for sharing in our happiness! It's nice not to get that *look* :)
  8. The Robinson Curriculum is a Self-Teaching Method where the main subjects are 1) Math 2) Writing and 3) Reading. Every other subject falls under "reading". The method sounds a bit harsh at first, but it actually has made our home and cafe a rich learning environment (more-so than it would be any other way). There is more on his website: www.robinsoncurriculum.com where you can buy the "official" curriculum. But you can also put together your own reading list (we do). The Saxon math is extra anyway (it's not included when you buy his curriculum). It's made it possible to successfully h
  9. Our youngest (DS4) started his Saxon 5/4 book. He's wanted to start it since he sees his older brothers and sister using it (Plus myself to stay ahead of all of them!). I told him he had to learn his math facts first (we do everything using a Robinson Curriculum type method). He started them when he turned four and he's got them all down (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). So he got his own BRAND NEW Saxon 5/4 book. :party:(party at our house) He'll turn 5 on May 4th of this year and we kept telling him that it may not be until he was six until he got to start the book
  10. Yes, that's what I meant...sorry if it wasn't clearer.
  11. I had noticed with different curriculum materials. One first grade book went up to 18. Another had 13-18 in the second grade book. Another stops at 12 and goes on to multiplication / division. I've read that Mr. Robinson of the Robinson curriculum advices that a child learn up to 12 for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then they start Saxon 5/4. I've been surprised at the disparity. Our DD previously in public school only learned up to the 10's!!:glare:
  12. Some books teach addition and subtraction facts up to 18 while some teach only up to 12 then move on to multiplication and division. Which do you use / prefer? Adding and Subtracting up to 12 or 18?
  13. :iagree: Another great book is The Misunderstood God by Darin Hufford. This is the one that helped me on a journey. This book is not anti-church but it does bring to light many patterns of thinking that brought us (me) further from God instead of closer.
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