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Where do your teens hang out as a precursor to dating?

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If your 15yo wanted to hang out/ precursor to dating with another teen, what kind of places would you find appropriate for them to hang out?


Of course we have our house, but we only have the living room that everyone uses, and the back yard. The other rooms are upstairs and are a little too private for my liking.


I am drawing a blank, as I was raised in a resort with a lake, and we had the entire resort at our fingers. Dh had no parental controls.


I don't like the idea of hanging out at the mall, and the library isn't really a place for hanging out and chatting. I do not know this girl at all, so I don't like the idea of them going to her house.



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At that age, I only let my sons hang out in groups. So I would take them to the movie and pick them up.


We have had a couple of girls my 15yo likes come over for dinner and watch a movie (in the living room with the whole family) before as well. They did go down to the family room in the basement and play the Wii, but my younger kids were down there. Little brothers and sisters make great chaperones.:001_smile:

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