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I totally have to brag about math.....And everyone should do Michele's Math

Karen sn

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Well, first the frustration.

So, I'm reading about Shamshi-Adad and his hostile takeover.

Then how after he died his fighting sons were lost and so Hammurabi took over the Assyrian Empire.


And I ask dd (11) some questions - she totally flakes.

To the point that she spaced Hammurabi winning the war. So I read it again. And we discuss it AGAIN.

Then I ask LEADING questions and she still flakes. And I read it one more time.....


I wanted to rip out my hair.


But then we move on to math and we are doing Michele's Math (whoever you are I LOVE YOU!) and we're on the multiplication of things times 4 and she totally rocked. She can do some kick butt math in her head!!!! (My boyfriend thinks it's because I did a lot of work with her and money - she can count back change).


So then I jump up and down and hoot and holler at how smart she is and how I am so proud (had to make up for losing it over history lesson) and you know what she says to me? She tells me that when she goes to visit her dad I have to tell him that he can't do math with her because she doesn't get the way he teaches it, but that she learns it the way I explain it! Proud of her AND me at this point!


I feel that doing math in your head is so much better in the long run so I have enabled her to do that and in doing so we delayed the whole 5 columns of numbers and add all the ones places and carry the tens mark. I wanted her to think in terms of the whole number and not break it down like that into ones.


So when we discussed 9 x 4, I said, "Well we know 9 and 9 is 18" (she's very strong on all her doubles) and now just add 18 and 18. This was the hardest one for her for some reason and so she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote 18 and another 18. Then she wrote 20 and 16 and said, "36". (This was the only one she needed paper for and so I got to really see her mind in action on this one). I love that she added the tens for 20 and then the eights for 16 and then put them together. And it was fast.


I did once show her (a few months ago) that you add the columns and carry numbers - I thought she might want to know because one day it might be easier......but she just looked at me like I'd grown another head and told me she prefers the other way.


I am so proud. She actually gets it! She UNDERSTANDS it.

I feel so good because as a delayer of formal subjects I have been harrassed by well intentioned friends suggesting we hurry up and "catch up" and I have seen my grandmother brought to tears. And now it is really evident that I did the right thing by letting her get to it this way. Dare I say that all the other kids who are forgetting what they memorized are now "behind" my daughter!? (Not that I would say that mind you.....just saying that sometimes the turtle really does win the race).



This is truly the best kept secret for math.

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