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My 4yo loves unicorns...need picture book suggestions

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I'm don't know of any picture books, but has she heard the Unicorn song?



* there's nothing bad in the lyrics or in the images, but if your 4 year old can read at all, I'd suggest keeping the comments out of view. It's youtube, and people can be dumb on there. ;)

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"Twaddly Creatures!" That's my good laugh for the morning :D


I'd suggest "The Last Unicorn" but it might be heavy for a 4 year old. You might want to check it out and decide based on your knowledge of your kid. But I think they might have some picture books, that was a pretty popular flick when I was a kid.

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These are authors I really like, so hopefully they are good:


Behold-- the unicorns! / Gail Gibbons


A glory of unicorns / compiled by Bruce Coville ; illustrated by Alix Berenzy


Here there be unicorns / Jane Yolen ; illustrated by David Wilgus.


I believe in unicorns / Michael Morpurgo ; illustrated by Gary Blythe.


Michael Hague's magical world of unicorns / with illustrations by Michael Hague.


Unicorns! Unicorns! / Geraldine McCaughrean ; illustrated by Sophie Windham


Where have the unicorns gone? / by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Ruth Sanderson.

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Check out Robert Vavra's stuff. He is an incredible photographer that I had the good fortune to meet long ago on a trip to Spain.


For one of his shoots, he tells about how they had just gotten one horse "made up" and ready for his unicorn shoot and the horse got away. At the same time, a school bus loaded with children was coming down the road. Vavra reported that it was quite magical seeing the looks on the faces of the children as the unicorn ran alongside their bus for a short way!



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