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What does Flax seeds do?

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I add it to yogurt or applesauce. It helps to cleanse your body as it is high in fiber and binds to bad stuff (I think estrogren compounds....don't quote me). It is high in lignins which are good for you. It helps your skin and hair repair and keeps you young looking. It is also an anti inflamitory agent.


FYI, I am really not a doctor nor do I want to be. I just like food as medicine info.


If you do get it grind it yourself immediately before you eat it. It goes rancid fast (in a day not in seconds:p). I grind mine about 1-2 tablespoons in a handheld coffee grinder to a semi-fine powder each day. It goes a little thick once added to a liquid and will thicken the applesauce and yogurt. It is nutty in flavor.


Some people use it as a topping for applebrown betty type desserts. Mixed with sugar and butter. Yum! It is good but I do not have a recipe.


If you google it you will find lots of stuff out there. It is a generally accepted health food and not considered "quackish".


Hope that helps shed some light on it!

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Flax seed also is a good source of Omega 3, almost as good as eating fish. (I think it is the Omega 3 not Omega 6, I get them confused). It is supposed to be very good for reducing cholesterol levels. I eat it on my oat bran, & try to put it in any baked goods I make. It can be used even as an egg substitute although I've never tried that yet. It has a pleasant nutty taste. A small coffee grinder does the best job of grinding up the seeds.

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... I've been reading up on fish oil, etc.


The following book was recommended on this board: The LCP Solution: The Remarkable Treatment for ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia" by Jacqueline B. Stordy. She offers the LCP Solution.


Basically, flax seed consists of short-chain fatty acids as opposed to the more beneficial long-chain (LCP) of the deep-sea fish oil - salmon, sardine, etc. Your body can take the short-chain and make it into a long-chain, but the oil may be eliminated before that can happen, KWIM? Most of us are so deficient in this area that anything would help.


Cod-liver oil is ok but may contain other fat-soluable vitamins (harder for body to break down as opposed to water-soluable). The liver of the fish is where toxins (mercury) reside in a fish ... be sure the cod-liver oil is purified.


Micro-algae - concocted for vegetarians


Krill oil - the current favorite that absorbs a little better than fish oil


It's an interesting book ... I was able to borrow it from our library.


Another book, The 24-Hour Pharmacist by Suzy Cohen. She is the author of the Dear Pharmacist column in the newspaper.



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I just had an appointment with my eye doc and we were discussing my lifelong dry eye issue. She suggested more Omega 3's would help this and said that flax seed oil or fish oil either one would be good. I opted for the flaxseed oil to start with as I have heard some fish oil capsules can cause 'fish burps'. we will see how it goes.

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