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6th grade spelling/Vocab program recommendations?


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DD is a good speller, and we're done with our series (goes up through 6th grade.) Dd is in 5th grade. I"m looking for some good recommedations of programs that are secular?


I"m not sure whether to keep going with another spelling program or do some sort of vocabulary program. Dd loves spelling, mostly because it's easy for her. Is there a hybrid out there?


What do you think of Vocabulary from Classical Roots? How about Vocabu-Lit? Those are just two I happened upon at the Rainbow Resource site.



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I can't recommend a hybrid program because I haven't used one. I will put my two cents in anyway! For spelling, since your dd is good at spelling, I would recommend Spelling Power. It only takes 15 minutes a day and she could move through it quickly, only focusing on words she misspells. I love Wordly Wise for vocabulary. I make it challenging for my ds. After he completes each lesson and makes flashcards for all 15 words in each lesson he has a written test. He is required to rewrite all the definitions, parts of speech, and use each word properly in a sentence. It might be more convenient to get it done with one program if you could find one where the level of spelling difficulty AND the level of vocabulary difficulty meet her needs at the same time.

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I forgot one more thing. For a combined program, you might want to look at Spelling Workout Levels G & H. While the earlier levels are primarily focused on spelling, these last 2 levels (designed for 7th and 8th grade) emphasize vocabulary and cover Latin, Greek, and French roots too.

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For my older son (currently 9th gr.), we've been cementing spelling vowel patterns by using "ABCs and All Their Tricks" -- but use a combination of commonly used ones, plus words he's unfamiliar with for vocabulary. Many times, there is a "root" that explains the spelling.


For example, one week, we went over "ch" words that have the hard "k" sound. "ABCs and All Their Tricks" explains that these words are from Greek origin. So, from the list in the book, I formed a list of words I wanted to make sure he knew how to spell, such as:

- ache

- scheme

- chasm

- schedule

- stomach

- chameleon

- psychology

- chaos

And then also made sure to include words that might be new vocabulary-wise:

- alchemy

- chronology

- epoch

- schizoid

- ocher



I also often flip through "Natural Speller" (the 6th/7th/8th grade lists, or Greek and Latin words appendices) for any other ideas of words that fit into such a list. (For example, in the above example, I also found the words "chronic" and "anachronism" to add to our list.)



Another idea for you:

In my 9th grade English class: each week, on Monday, we had to turn in a list of 10 words with their definitions written out. Also on Monday, each class member contributed one word from their list to the class spelling list (there were 15-20 students, so it was a manageable spelling list), which we had to learn the meanings and spellings of all 15-20 words on our own, and then were tested on Fridays. I just kept a notebook handy whenever I read a book or watched a movie and jotted down any unfamiliar words; it was a great way to get both vocabulary and spelling.



Best of luck in finding what words best for you! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Unless your student understands syllabication very well. The first book teaches syllabication, i.e. the different types of syllables and how they are pronounced and spelled. I believe the other books build from there.


Also, I don't think Megawords is graded. I think it is intended for use with grades 4 and up, not level 1 for 4th, level 2 for 5th, etc.

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The general recommendation is to start with book 1 regardless of grade level. Students who already know the 6 syllable rules could start with book 2, but I wouldn't start any higher than that. The books are pretty quick to work through. It would be very easy to work through the whole 8 books series in just 2-3 years. My middle dd started Megawords book 1 in the middle of 5th grade. In the past 2.5 years, she has finished the first 4 books and is halfway through the 5th. She did 5 pages/week in Megawords 1, but had done just 3 pages/week since then.

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