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If you were teaching a co-op class

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and all the books you planned on using were available at your library, would you plan on the library or would you purchase them?


The classes are every other week for 8 sessions, so September through December. I am pretty sure I could renew the books to keep for the whole time. But I worry that when I do need them they wont be there or that if I can't keep the books for the whole period, then they wont be available again.


It's not a lot of money to but the few books but we are trying to not spend right now and I have over spent on my school budget.



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Do you absolutely have to have certain books? How many copies does your library have of each?



ETA: I, personally, would feel better about it if you could choose from a couple of different books or they had multiple copies of each.


I am plannng on four books for my core books to teach from and I am sure I will use other books along the way. The library has a few copies of two of these four books, but the other two they only have one copy of each.

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A couple of thoughts:


If your students are going to be using the same books, I wouldn't expect the library to have them, because the students will probably want to use the library too.


If you live close to the boarder of library districts, districts often have reciprocal agreements. You may be able to check them out from the other district, and have better luck keeping them longer without one of your students putting them on 'hold' too.


If they are books you are going to read and then teach from, but aren't going to actually need at the same time as the students...you may be able to sell them to a student and recoup at least part of the money quickly.






Do you know anyone who may be able to loan the books to you?



ETA: Okay so I just went to see what books they were....I don'k know if it helps but...The Magic Schoool bus videos are available at United Streaming.

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Can you roll the cost of the teaching books into the cost of the co-op? Our co-op reimburses for the costs of teaching materials. The materials are then the property of the co-op, but it alleviates the burden of having to provide teaching materials on an already tight budget. We then calculate the costs and determine the tuition for the students.


Just an idea...

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