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  1. Writing an article about anything negative toward homeschooling is not good at all. Majority of parents homeschooling want to be homeschooling and are doing the very best for their family and children. No need to bring attention to something that is few and far between and adding fuel to a fire of those against homeschooling to begin with....
  2. Ok ok.....I know.....but you know what I mean don't ya.. :D
  3. Unless it means something or has been used in the last six months..... I'm about to toss it! Simplify my home ..... I don't have a lot but I have too much, it's driving me crazy! I'm with ya!
  4. DH ...... Leaves around 7am doesn't come home until 7pm. We don't divide. I do what I can. Oh except cut trees for firewood. But I do haul it and split it. There came a time that I realized that I couldn't do it all, then I was able to get off antidepressants and be happy again. No schedule, clean as I can or want to.... There will be a day when all the kids are gone and my house will be spotless, until then, ain't gonna happen! :lol:
  5. Abeka starts cursive in first grade. You might can check around and see what others say about starting it that early with abeka. My seven yo begged to do cursive, my oldest wanted to do cursive at six. And they are boys! Ha ha!
  6. I think that I would just let him do AAS with older sibs, anything else might bore him. Is he asking for something?
  7. Preface: no experience in this happening Doesn't it just stink that printing starts at the top, yet cursive starts at the bottom? My 7yo still starts some of his letters and numbers at the bottom. I just try to remind him when I see it, but then I think, he'll be ahead once he starts cursive. Do you think your daughter might want to start cursive? Just a thought. I don't think anything is wrong, she just wants to write that way. My middle son grabs his pencil very strange, but he is correcting himself as he learns cursive.
  8. "School" is a specific building my son, you are not in "school" anymore! :001_smile: We use the term, book work. My kids are indoctrinated as well. They've been in school for two years. We are getting there, very slowly.
  9. Personally, I would continue TT, I'd get a MCP math workbook and an abacus, let him do three or so pages of review with the abacus. And the Flashmaster, pricey but worth it.
  10. You are correct! Got mine today! I got the wrong binders though... Still confused on them. Read where 3:1 coil binding can be used, found some at mybinding.com but....found much much much cheaper at Bestbuybinding.com But can't find any reviews on Bestbuybinding.com. I mean they are lots cheaper there but scared to order from them.
  11. Thread title is ' friend wants abortion WWYD' I would beg her to let me adopt the child. Or I would ask if I could keep the child for her and help her. She could be auntie. What she is thinking of doing is so wrong on so many levels that reading this makes me physically sick, that's my opinion and I have a right to it.
  12. Whew...glad someone else asked! LOL We are coming home and I have one going into 5th grade. Trying to place him in stuff and I keep getting the feeling he's in 5th grade half a year... Then I've checked my others... Same with my one going into 2nd. I keep getting the feeling he is 2nd and half. Frustrating.
  13. Seems like you have it figured out now! You go girl, get away from THAT woman...how embarrassing. And um....unnerving! :tongue_smilie:
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