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  1. DS said you definitely need to pay attention in class and read the material to do well on the test. He felt they were a fair representation of what was discussed and the text. He said the only question that he would consider "tricky" was that a short answer question may not have an answer. Similar to a multiple choice question where you might have "(d) none of the above", there might be a short answer question where there is no answer or the answer is not possible because incorrect information was given. The student would explain that the question was wrong and give clarification or an explanation as to why. Regarding vocabulary - he said you need to understand the terminology. For example, maybe the text said mushroom, but the test says fungus. (I know that is a biology reference, but you get the idea!) Dr. Wile does not allow extra credit work (at least when my kids took the classes), but he may round up if he feels it is warranted. DD had a high B for the first semester (I believe it was an 88 or 89), and he rounded it up to an A due to her class participation, asking questions, etc. I'm not sure what his cutoff is, but that was a pleasant surprise. The tests are not timed.
  2. DS and DD are going to take FundaFunda Academy's Personal Finance course. https://www.fundafundaacademy.com/product/high-school-personal-finance/ DS has taken 3 classes with them - Geography, Government, and Economics. At first, I had my reservations because there are no tests, and the format is not your "typical" class. There are lots of videos to watch, online games to reinforce learning, etc. However, I have to say that after DS took the Geography course, I was sold. Yes, it has the videos and games, but the information is engaging and made DS interested in so many things that he looked at additional resources outside of class. On his own. If you knew DS, you would know this would NEVER happen. : ) There is lots of work that goes with the activities and is turned in weekly (i.e., short answers, finding news articles, group projects, etc.). I won't get into specifics since it doesn't apply to the Personal Finance course, but the same thing happened with his Government and Economics classes. For Personal Finance, the course will use the Investment Guide for Teens by David & Tom Gardner. The class includes a simulation of real life (having a job, paying bills, choosing a bank account, etc.), budgeting, and a stock market simulation.
  3. Is this the Chemistry class with Dr. Wile? If so, DS took that class 2 years ago. He enjoyed the weekly live classes with Dr. Wile and looked forward to their discussion. Yes, the labs were done at home, but they weren't difficult to complete. You can purchase the kit that has most of the items needed. (The only items excluded would be common household items.) As for the class, my DS really liked Dr. Wile as a teacher. DS is strong in science, and often asks questions above and beyond the curriculum (and sometimes not even about Chemistry). Dr. Wile seemed to encourage the questions and would answer them or direct him to another resource. For the labs, the students are expected to write lab reports after every experiment, and Dr. Wile definitely holds them accountable for content and format. Dr. Wile wrote the Chemistry book (as well as the Apologia Biology book). My son thought the Chemistry book was much more student friendly than the Apologia books. FWIW, my daughter took his Biology class through Berean. She did well, and really like Dr. Wile. However, she struggled with the grading coming only from the labs and the tests. She still did well, but it was a stressful point for her. She would do all the homework, note taking, chapter questions, etc., but that is not graded. I believe it was the same way with Chemistry.
  4. This has all been very helpful. Thank you everyone!
  5. DD will be a senior this coming school year. She has played basketball with a homeschool league every year of high school. The season is long - from September through February/March. I was thinking of giving her 1 credit for each school year, but I am starting to second guess myself. She attends every practice and is on the court for a large portion of the game (so she is being physically active in practices and all games.) Does anyone know how this works in the public school system? Do the students on the school teams get credit for that or is just considered an extra-curriculular activity that doesn't appear on their transcripts? I know I don't have to follow that... but I try to at least be informed so I can be knowledgable if anything is questioned for college application/admissions. - Should I give her 0.5 or 1.0 credit for each year? - Should I give her a grade or just treat it as pass/fail? Thanks!
  6. I also like homeschoolskedtrack. I have used it for 6 years now. Once you have entered everything that is needed for the school year, it is easy to enter grades, print year-end reports showing all of the assignments, report cards, etc.
  7. Thanks again, everyone, for the wealth of information! It has clarified many things that were muddled in my old, tired brain. : ) I am sure it will be helpful to many others as well.
  8. I had not heard that the DE classes wouldn't count as college credit if used for HS. I have only looked at state universities though, so maybe it is not an issue. I will have to double check with them. I had spoken with Texas A&M for DS who wants to be a mechanical engineer. The counselor suggested that DS take DE classes instead of AP classes. She said the DE classes will show that my DS is ready for college workload. She didn't tell me those credits wouldn't transfer - in fact she she provided me a list of courses that would transfer (even if taken as DE classes). She also said that for some classes (i.e., Calculus), it would be very unusual for them to accept AP credit because they want the students to take the college level Calculus class for the engineering school to ensure they are prepared for the rigorous math classes to follow. I don't want to start a debate between AP and DE classes... I was just providing the information FWIW.
  9. @AngieW - Thank you for the very specific history example. That made a light bulb go off in my head. : )
  10. @Correleno - I meant that I had it in my mind to "substitute" DE classes for HS classes. For example, taking HIST 1301 in place of US History for high school, instead of taking it in addition to a HS history class. I'm thinking that might be still be okay for some classes, especially with DD not being crazy about history and being very STEM oriented due to vet school aspirations. I have a friend who is basically using DE courses for almost all of her son's high school classes. She wants him to graduate with an associate's degree at the same time as his high school graduation. That is why I was thinking the DE classes should be used in place of the HS classes instead of being used as additional classes as well. Hope that makes sense. If it doesn't - it's probably because I am still confused!
  11. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the information and think I understand it more clearly. I had thought the DE classes were in place of HS curriculum, but based on some comments I see that is not always the case. More decisions to be made! As for testing out of ENGL 1301, I had not intended on giving her high school credit for that class. I just wasn't sure if I should put it on her high school transcript. At the CC, it allows her to take ENGL 1302 without taking the ENGL 1301 prereq. The uni she is looking at requires ENGL 1302 & ENGL 1303. Thanks again! Back to the drawing board for me! : )
  12. Thanks for your comments. Regarding question #2, yes, she does have the credit on her college transcript. Instead of a letter grade it has an abbreviation that shows credit was received due to testing.
  13. I am hoping someone might shed some light on a couple of transcript questions. I have searched the blogs but not found anything similar - sorry if this has already been asked. I have tried to ask my questions to some college counselors, but have been told homeschoolers can put whatever they want on transcripts and they can't advise me. I have asked a high school counselor and was told the same thing. I have asked other homeschool parents with the same end result. I know I can put "whatever I want" on transcripts, but I am hoping for some guidance because I want the transcript to be somewhat consistent with other transcripts that the colleges will be receiving from private/public school students who take dual credit courses. We live in Texas, so there are no regulations around the reporting of classes. Also, my goal is not for DD to graduate high school with as many dual credit classes as possible. We are anticipating around 6 dual credit classes total. My purpose in the questions below is how to handle the recording of the classes for the high school transcript. 1. For dual credit classes, I read that one semester of college equals one full school year of high school credit. For example, DD is taking HIST 1301 in the fall. Should I count that as one full US history high school course for 2018/2019? Even though she will take it for only one semester and it only goes thru 1877? HIST 1302 would continue from 1877 to present. Is that how public schools handle dual credit? Do they take both HIST 1301/1302 in one school year and then show 2 years of high school credit? In other words, if I want DD to have one high school year each of US History and World History, would I have her take only HIST 1301 (US thru 1877) and HIST 2321 (World history thru 1492) dual credit classes to meet those requirements? 2. Based on her ACT score for English, DD was able to test out of ENGL 1301 at the community college. How would I note that on her high school transcript? Or do I just leave it off? I thought it should go somewhere as a dual credit class, but I am not sure how to record it. Thank you so much!
  14. Both of my children (DS11 and DD12) are in the Mod I course for Minecraft (using JAVA). My son has completed it, and my daughter is on her final project. I was impressed with the course. In addition to funny and engaging teaching videos, the response time for help with always within 24 hours - usually within just a few hours. One thing i REALLY liked about the course was the responses the instructors provided to questions. The answer was never given. The student was given a line or section of programming to narrow down their programming error. I guess eventually an answer would have been given if needed, but I appreciated the way they made the student go find their own errors instead of just giving them the answer. I also really liked the review they gave at the end of the course when the final file is presented. It was very thorough, complete with constructive criticism and completely personalized and tailored to my son's work. For example, they just didn't say "good characters". They said they really enjoyed using the hobbit armor he created and described various specific scenarios showing where my son received inspiration from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings in one of his mobs. It may be a boilerplate response, but they had to take the time to really go through his programming for some of the examples they gave and not just a quick glance. It was very well done. They are about to start the 3-D game programming course. : ) As mentioned in an earlier post, if you do decide to purchase, monitor it on the homeschool buyers coop. You should be able to snag it for 50% off if you are patient.
  15. The animation quality was my concern. On the samples I saw, it seemed like the mouth wasn't always moving when speaking, but I didn't know if it was my computer having streaming problems or the animation itself.
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