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  1. My son is taking German 1 online at The Potter's School. He enjoys it and it's going well. They use a standard text book (Sag Mal) and the associated online class work. I will say that my son took 2 years of Latin at The Classical Learning Resource Center online. While he liked the teachers and format of the class, just hated latin even though he did very well. I would recommend them in general as well too 🙂
  2. I have been struggling with this same exact question. But I am definitely leaning toward Derek Owens because he also offers Calculus.
  3. We have been generally following the schedule laid out here by another WTM homeschool mom. We like the textbook though we are using an older edition. The website for the textbook has lots of resources we used including quizzes and map resources. Another thing we really like is the Power of Place videos. They are older but still very good, and it's amazing how many of the issues in the videos are STILL a problem today in our world.
  4. Math without Borders has videos to go along with Foerster's. We've used them for Alg 2 and have liked them.
  5. My son is in Latin II to this year with CLRC. Highly recommended. My son is an average student, he spends 2 hours one day in class, then 5 hours or so per week. Most of the time it is an hour per weekday. Of course more on weeks with exams. He started off having Latin for Children A and B before CLRC. Latin I was easier, maybe only 30-45 min on the 4 days he didn't have class. The workload ramped up a bit with Latin II. I really like the classes, the instructors have been great and love the structure of the classes.
  6. This is our absolute favorite. We just started our 3rd year of using it.
  7. YES! We had the same experience, also WWS covers The Lady of Shallot! So we got to listen to Loreena for 2 poems! I had no idea Lady of Shallot was by Tennyson.
  8. Alex and I did the Python course at Codecademy, it's free. We liked it :)
  9. A plug for CLRC latin.. my son just finished up Latin 1. It was such a success. The classes were very organized and really taught him how to learn. They have a significant discount if you sign up before the end of may!
  10. Another plug for CLRC latin.. my son just finished up Latin 1. It was such a success. The classes were very organized and really taught him how to learn. They have a significant discount if you sign up before the end of may!
  11. I'm working through the Alg2 book on my own right now with Math Without Borders in preparation to teach it in the fall. Unfortunately i don't have any suggestions because i'm currently just watching the videos, taking notes, and doing the problems. Occasionally stopping and doing more practice on Khan academy when i feel i need it. (I was so glad to see the back of that logarithm chapter!! LOL) I will tell you that a friend gave me her Kolbe syllabus that uses the same text. There are 2 tracks, a Core Alg2 and Honors Alg2/Trig. The core track only covers chapters 1-10, and it seems like even with that not all sections from those chapters. The Honors track covers all chapters, possibly skipping some sections too (i'm still looking this over, just got it yesterday). I'm planning on trying to do a hybrid... Not worry about getting to ALL of those last 5 chapters but trying to at least do the 2 on Trig. The Kolbe syllabus skips around a bit too.. and i'm going to try to figure out why today. If you have any questions let me know! :)
  12. I agree that most teens just don't have the ability yet. And I also believe that organization needs to be taught. I am ultra-organized and never needed to be taught, so that was a hard lesson for us to learn. I highly recommend SWB's lecture called Teaching Students to Work Independently. It goes step by step through every year and what should be taught at each grade. Certainly we had to back track and pick up some skills I had not taught him. Fyi, she does address the notebook organization thing. She says to begin in the 7th grade to have them store their own papers. But make it easy for them. Very clearly labeled bin to put papers or for us, I had him just put the papers in the front of the correct binder. Eventually we worked up to getting them in the proper place within the binder. At this point, we sit down Sunday evening and together figure out the week's assignments and put them in the planner for the week. Basically I am modelling the behavior for him, hoping one day (by college?! LOL) he can do it on his own. For things like reading time, and even chores sometimes, he would "forget" so we started setting alarms instead of me nagging. That helped TREMENDOUSLY!! And I have the same issue with not wanting to sit with him for 6 hours but I feel my son is getting distracted and taking too long for most things. No solution to that yet. SWB recommended setting timers, like if this subject should take 1 hour, set the timer and see how far they get in the hour... then address the problem. Anyway, don't feel alone... I am sure there are lots of us with 9th grade boys in the same boat!! :)
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