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  1. Whats that saying about arguing on the internet?
  2. oh im sure peace hill press is taking some profit too. Plus SWB has a fulltime job already. honestly, just think about it a minute. 3.99 for a lecture to help out the patrons to use her books. HarperCollins, and other book publishers are now offering free chapters online as supplements to garner more interest. I see this as just being a bit more greedy. Peace Hill Press and SWB would be wise to offer this lecture for free. IT will garner interest in her works and ultimately improve profits rather than appear as greedy, penny-pinchers.
  3. Oh i will vote with my wallet and not buy it. I just see her as trying to get an inch more when she already has a mile.... Hey its my opinion. You guys are free to have yours, this is the way I see it. Maybe because I have taught both high school and college, but I certainly was never paid for so much time and effort I put into my job. As an adjunct, we get paid peanuts. As a high school teacher, well we all know how this country treats public school teachers. Again why ask for a bit more from the same people that are shelling out hundreds for your other materials. To me, it sounds greedy, not trying to make a living.
  4. ugh 3.99 are you kidding me??? I seriously have an issue with SWB sometimes. I understand she has to make a living, but really honestly, alot of her work is just regurgitation of works that have been published and used for a hundred years. Like her book regarding classical education for yourself. Just a rewrite of how to read a book..... GIve this lecture away for free. We are buying your stuff already! PS. Im an academic, with a science PhD. SWB is an academic teaching at a college. Share your information. Its called a seminar.
  5. is this it?
  6. AnnaE

    First Chapter Books

    Bruce Coville: Moongobble and ME series
  7. Why wait a few months to seek help? Go now. Its good to be under the advice of a professional when it comes to depression. Plus your son might be displaying signs of lack of motivation because you are not happy. Best to go get help now rather than wait.
  8. I taught high school, now Im going to homeschool. Planning is tough. its a balance between too much detail and not enough. You can plan a toolbox, and have the blueprint, but its hard to plan each step. I personally find it better to leave that detail unplanned and to be creative at that level, while maintaining an overarching blueprint of where I went, where I am and where I want to go in each subject.
  9. my 4.5 year old is counting to one hundred and understands the concept of repeat that interval to 1000....
  10. Hilarious...I cant wait to start Don Q.... So did anyone find the forum for discussing these books?
  11. So I thought I would begin this project of reading through the great works. But first some questions have come to mind. Has anyone used the Kindle free editions of these books with the highlighting capacity? Is that just totally inferior to marking up a hardcopy? I hate marking up books - I mainly mark in the margins of textbooks as I went through my own graduate education, so I don't think this will be a big deal for me. Anyone else use the kindle editions? Is there a forum for discussing our thoughts in the rhetoric stage? I would have my husband be my partner but he is currently finishing his own little project started 3 years ago - his bachelor's degree...
  12. Definitely one or the other....We really did not like AAR and switched to OPGTR. AAR was too multisensory ... I felt like the program was all grill and drill, without a focus on contextualize reading. AAR would introduce a sound, then practice words; the next day, they read in the reader. OPGTR has every single lesson sounding out words AND reading a story for reinforcement. That story everyday gave meaning for the kids. Kept them interested. Honestly I think AAR has too much fluff. Of course I had to spend a hundred bucks to come to this conclusion :/
  13. Interesting article:
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