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  1. To me it sounds like an either/or. Paleo is probably going to be better for us anyway, I like my homemade yogurt. I love yogurt and cheese. Though I think I need to limit that stuff. Not real sure. I haven't delved that deeply. My middle son has GERD, I should have mentioned that at the beginning but forgot to! I was hoping one of these would be beneficial to him as well. Off to find Paleo recipes. Going to start shopping for the paleo kind of stuff rather than willy-nilly.
  2. I understand your position but that wasn't the question. :)
  3. I have started a weight loss wagr through healthywage.com. I am looking at changing my diet and the keto and paleo diets come up the most. I understand the differences but I am looking for a few things. 1. Which, in your opinion, is more kid friendly? I have a 19yo, 15yo and 9yo to feed. 2. Which has easier meals. I really, really don't want to spend 4 hours a day fixing/cooking food. I have to work, clean, school etc. 3. Which, again in your opinion, will cause weight loss faster? 4. Which would actually be more realistic to follow long term, like forever type long term? I am ready to throw everything (well OK almost everything) in the cupboard away (there isn't much, we live in an RV) and start fresh. Tips? Advice? TIA!
  4. Help with a debate please.... Let's say you found a dollar's worth of quarters in a soda machine you were getting a soda at. If you take it, stealing or no? I remember finding change in newspaper machines and payphones when I was a kid. I always checked them when I went into the grocery store. I got to keep the change. However, I know someone who said it is stealing to take the change. What say the hive?
  5. I like the idea but tacos require more than dairy, at least for us lol. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream. Wait.... I forgot about taco salad. Taco's for dinner, taco salad for lunch the next day. Genius! :)
  6. We RV full-time so space is at a premium. Especially the fridge. I hate, hate having to go to the store every couple days because our fridge doesn't hold a lot. I need meal ideas that don't contain or contain small amounts of perishables. I already have chili mac on rotation. More ideas please? If I can make just one less trip per week I'd be a... wait for it... happy camper. Oh yes, I said it.
  7. LOL.. I ahve this recipe I want to make... any way to modify it for the IP or can I just cook with it on Saute? https://www.budgetbytes.com/2016/01/cheesy-vegetarian-chili-mac/
  8. I have one minor issue with blocked numbers on my cell. Why, for the love of all things good, do I still get notification of a missed call? I blocked the friggin' thing. I don't want to know about it. Ever! :banghead:
  9. Anyone care to share websites with recipes? All I am finding are recipes direct from manufacturers. I don't know if that matters or not but I'd rather have recipes from a recipe site. :)
  10. They need to make a bigger one then, don't they know I have growing boys? Honestly! ;) Wonder if that applies to using it as a slow cooker too? I am always trying to get around the rules! *sigh* Guess I'll still buy it then. Bah. That's a visual. I m sure it tastes good but man... I like buying mine from the store (yup I'm a baby). :)
  11. I am thinking of this from when I was twenty something. There are 10 years within the 20's so we are talking a large swath. Are we talking 21 or 29? Big difference. That said. When I was 20-21 and my parents went on vacation there were different things that would happen. 1. If it was somewhere I didn't want to go then I didn't go, even if I was meh on it. 2. If it was somewhere I did want to go they invited me and if they invited me they would pay. With that though I would help with what I could. 3. If they didn't invite me, usually because they didn't have the money for all of us (I have three younger sisters), I would pay for myself or stay if I didn't have the money. That is how it was for me. Now, if it is were my kids, I would basically do the same thing. If you invite them to come then costs needs to be arranged before hand. Don't make it larger than it needs to be :)
  12. When you say it cooks less than your 7 quart... by how much? I have a 6 quart slow cooker that I use and the only time I have it full to the brim is when I fix spaghetti and meatballs. I add the pasta to it the last hour so I don't have to cook it separate. I was looking at them and the 8 quart is the one I would purchase. I have made yogurt in a slow cooker before and if I recall correctly it was major fiddly (love that word, I will use it more often lol). It involved a towel, time and I only did it once because it wasn't worth the trouble for me. Is it easier in the Instant Pot? I like yogurt. One thing that appeals greatly to me is the being able to cook frozen chicken. YAY for that. I will plan meals for the week but not when so I don't always take the chicken out. Thinking this may be a good idea!
  13. Chili mac tonight... here are other ideas I have been kicking around... though I am going to modify them to try to eliminate some things... chicken, potatoes, onion, cream of mushroom, broccoli, Parmesan. rice (mixed with quinoa?), veggies, cashews Caesar salad - romaine, spinach?, croutons, hard boiled eggs, chicken, Parmesan, That is what is on my sticky note on my desktop, just copied and pasted!
  14. It isn't that I don't want to go to the Doctor, I have been. I go yearly and the doctor looked at my one ear and said it was eczema she didn't mention psoriasis.. She wanted to prescribe me some ear drops but the drops were over $200. I wasn't willing to pay that. I decided to look into alternative methods. Stop eating foods that cause it? Not to be snarky but that isn't helpful. If I knew what was causing it I wouldn't be asking. I don't eat melon as I don't like melons in general. The MSG is interesting. I do try to avoid it but I know I don't always. As for shampoo, I don't use it. I am using baking soda/ACV rinse instead. It must be something in the diet then. Wheat? Dairy? I know those are two known allergen irritants. I am going to look into that book, and perhaps others. Humph, why didn't I think of a book... jeez.
  15. Will it do dishes? ;) Is there a reason NOT to have one then?
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