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  1. Letter tiles are a great idea! That almost sounds like common sense. Sometimes looking at all these options over complicates things lol!
  2. Ellie- spell to write and read is what I am planning for the main phonics instruction. Do you have experience with it? I am just starting out and base most of my decisions by what I have read online. So any advice is welcome!
  3. Is Phonics Pathways a complete program? I have Spell to Write and Read which is complete. I just am looking at options for a quick workbook to reinforce the phonics instruction.
  4. The science looked much shorter than the history! Did you have to add a lot in for projects and experiments? That sounds like a great K year though to do one semester science and one history. I don't want to do too much for K outside of reading, writing and math. So maybe if I think more in that mode of dividing things up into semesters.
  5. Wondering if History for Little Pilgrims would fill a whole K5 year or not. Did you find other things to add into to make it last longer and well rounded? Any programs to add in more living books?
  6. I have a few questions for K5. My son is an active little guy and doesn't have great fine motor skills. We are working on fine motor in a varity of ways with crafts, lacing cards, salt trays etc. Anyways I have purchased Spell to Write and Read. I really enjoy this program and the thought process behind it. And we have decided to teach him to write in cursive from the beginning. For a number of reasons I think cursive will be the best option. I don't plan to do SWR as exactly as desgined. It feels like it may be too much writing and a little cumbersome to execute. I would like to add in a phonics workbook to aid in a little less cumbersome feel to SWR. I have looked at Explode the Code and it looks like the workbook may be too much and too long. Does it feel that way? Does it stand better on it's own or is it a good supplement? I have looked at the Pathway readers learning through sounds and the workbook for First Steps. These look like they are short and simple. However, is there a lot of manuscript found in these? Any other suggestions for a workbook to assit in phonics instruction that isn't too much work? Or a phonics workbook that is done in cursive?
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