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  1. I agree with everything she said about Wilson Hill. Leslie Smith is also very good, if she is an option at WHA. Ashley Porter at Blue Tent is great if she’s an option. Similar level of rigor to WHA. DD did Alg 1, Geometry, Alg 2, & AP Stats at WHA, and Pre-Calc & AP Calc AB at Blue Tent.
  2. Yay, I’m glad to hear you guys are making progress. It’s weirdly comforting to know others are in my same boat right now! My DD began her Common App on Sunday and has chipped away at it a few times since. I think I have my documents in line, but haven’t uploaded anything yet. Is there anyone who would be willing to review DD’s main essay and two supplemental essays (for our state flagship/her top choice)? She wrote the main essay earlier this summer via Maya Inspektor’s essay workshop, but she’s continued tweaking it since then. I don’t feel like I can give her much feedback because I’ve seen it too many times to be objective (and I’m a notoriously harsh critic of my own kids’ writing). If you’re willing, will you send me a PM? I’m happy to return the favor!
  3. Okay, disaster averted. She invited me and I was able to create a counselor account. Thanks for helping me resolve this.
  4. Ahhhh…this makes sense. Can anyone else corroborate?
  5. Why is it that when I created a Common App account today as a Counselor it is actually a practice account and everything looks like I’m the one applying to college?! What am I doing wrong?
  6. Just checked and DD’s is there, too. Scored a 3, so not terrible but definitely not what she was hoping for. The digital exams at home seemed much harder to her than most practice tests. Ugh.
  7. Okay, good. That must just be the way it’s showing up at this point. I’ll try to be patient…
  8. Interesting! I guess I’ll keep checking in. Do his other scores from 3rd administration show as ‘delayed’ in his 2021 test results?
  9. DD took the 3rd administration of AP exams digitally at home in June, so scores are not expected until 8/16, but today I logged into her account just to check something else and I was startled to see that it only shows 1 of her 3 tests as pending/delayed under the 2021 heading. In the explanation for missing scores, it says something about if you don’t see all your tests it might be because it wasn’t uploaded properly (or something to that effect). You don’t suppose she’s only going to get a score on that one test (stats) and not for Eng Lit & Psych, do you?!?! 😱
  10. I think if you’re applying to one or two schools (who each have their own application), it might make sense to avoid the Common App. If you’re applying to three or more schools who are all on Common App, it probably makes sense to do the common app.
  11. Hi, TCB. I totally feel your pain. My oldest DD is an ICU nurse and I feel like the last 1.5 years have taken a decade off her life— it’s just so intensely stressful. We owe you all a debt of gratitude. I won’t speak to the major thing because others have already addressed it above. I’ll just speak to the process, since I’m hip-deep in it with DD16. You’re going to need a transcript, course descriptions, a school profile, and a counselor letter. Do you have good records so that you can pull these together easily? I’m using an easy service for the transcript (fasttranscripts.com), but you can also diy this. For the other documents, a fellow boardie’s website has been super helpful: https://fearlesshomeschoolers.com/homeschool-college-consulting Your DD will need to create a Common App account and name you as counselor so you can upload all your documents. She will need to write her Common App essay. Prompts are here: https://www.commonapp.org/apply/essay-prompts My DD and I have found the info from here https://www.collegeessayguy.com/ and here https://www.essayhell.com/ especially helpful. She will need to identify a couple of people to write her Letters of Recommendation. Some? Many? Universities will also have supplemental essays to write. We’ve found if you search school name + supplemental essay, you’ll find lots of helpful tips for writing them. Obviously, use schools’ Net Price Calculators to determine financial fit before even applying. Good luck getting started. Just pick one thing to tackle and get it done. You’ll feel energized by making clear progress.
  12. My DD took the 3rd administration, so she hasn’t gotten her scores back yet, but my cursory look at the score distributions linked above tells me this years’ scores are measurably lower (fewer 5’s & 4’s) than in previous years. Do we think that’s because most traditionally schooled students spent most of the year learning virtually and thus learned less than they typically do? Or does that mean the tests were more difficult? Or something else?
  13. I sure hope so! DD will be applying to selective colleges this fall with four years of Latin as her foreign language experience. I have not seen one single school that says they will not accept it yet.
  14. Has anyone heard an update on Dr. Wall’s classes for the fall? @deerforest? I keep hoping I’ll see/hear something from her, but I’m beginning to think it won’t happen 🙁
  15. I don’t have an answer for you, but I think you’re asking the right questions! My DD16, who is entering her senior year, used the flexibility of homeschooling to move around the country to train with top ballet companies in pursuit of a career as a professional dancer. She’s simultaneously doing rigorous academics and will be applying to university this fall. Obviously her choice of how to create a unique homeschool experience is very specific to her particular ability and interests, so most other students will look very different. Just thought I’d share one way to do just what you’re asking about. I love some of your ideas in the first paragraph. Who IS your kid? What makes him tick? If he could imagine/do/be anything, what would it be? Is he a sailor? A car guy? A languages junkie? I think he’s a the perfect age/stage to think outside the box and dream big. Being ahead academically gives him that much more freedom to pursue passions.
  16. Yes, no doubt in-person tours are ideal and hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze a couple in. Unfortunately, our state flagship (her top choice) just opened for outdoor-only, 60- minute tours and they all booked up within minutes, sigh. The rest of the schools she’s interested in haven’t yet or are JUST beginning to welcome visitors back, so maybe we can squeeze one or two in after her ballet summer intensive and before school begins.
  17. I hear you about Zoom fatigue! One thing that’s nice is that for all the info sessions my DD has done, the student participants have been totally off camera, so there is no pressure to look good or contribute in any way. She typically registers for evening sessions and watches them while she’s making/eating her dinner after a long day at ballet. They serve as company and background noise while she’s just hanging out. She does keep a paper & pencil nearby to jot down a few notes, but it isn’t totally necessary as much (all?) of what they share can be gleaned from a quick search on the school’s site. For her, the benefit has been getting the ‘vibe’ of a school.
  18. These have been surprisingly helpful for DD in assessing ‘fit’. And, I’m finding that the more info sessions she participates in, the better she gets at reading between the lines— some seem very formal and polished and others more like real conversations that invite questions. Some stress the outcomes (med school admission rates, number of students who study abroad, etc) and others seem to focus on the community of learners they’re trying to create. I’m totally impressed at DD’s ability to distinguish between the schools based on these 55 minute presentations. She has already eliminated at least two schools she originally intended to apply to. I think we’ll sign up for a few each week this summer. It might actually be better at this stage than physically visiting the schools (which is not even possible, obviously). What’s been your experience with virtual visits/tours? Have you added or eliminated and schools based on the info session?
  19. Thanks for weighing in. She retook it in June and is pleased with the increase in her writing score. I really hope the ACT/SAT eliminates the essay portion entirely as it seems universally accepted that it is a poor assessment of writing ability, but until then, we are forced to play the game. I should have never had her take the writing test in the beginning! Incidentally, she did not prep for the writing section for the re-take. She just happened to get a prompt that she was interested in and knew a lot about. She was able to write over two pages and felt very good about her argument/supports and structure.
  20. Well, DD managed to increase her ACT writing score from a 6 (50th percentile) to a 9 (96th percentile). I’m fairly sure nobody will notice or care, but we feel better about it and think it’s a more accurate reflection of her writing ability. Now she can confidently send her Superscore and not feel like the previous ‘sore thumb’ of a writing score will stick out and be so noticeably divergent from her general testing profile.
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