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  1. I swear the work will never be finished! Holy expensive lesson; It had better be life-changing! I would definitely make time to visit if possible. DD is living 1,000 miles away from home and none of her schools (except our state flagship, which she knows well) are within easy visiting distance from either of us. We are not going to do any visits until April when she has offers/acceptances in hand. I think I am missing the visits more than she is since she doesn’t know any different!
  2. Yikes! So happy we’re finished with apps and financial aid forms. I absolutely do not work well under pressure!
  3. Definitely. We both joked that she won’t die homeless (due to my ineptitude as her home educator!). In all seriousness, we were happy and celebrated this accomplishment along with her 17th birthday this past weekend.
  4. DD received her first acceptance & 1/2 tuition scholarship last week to a local Jesuit school that is a safety. The only reason for her to consider this school is if she is invited to the next step in the application process for a highly-competitive, accelerated 5-year PA program; those invitations are extended after the 11/1 application deadline.
  5. Ohhhhh, my apologies. I thought we were talking about a LOR to support college applications. My answer would have been totally different had I understood the question! As usual, Lori nailed it.
  6. Ideally, these letters should come from outside teachers. Has your DD taken any outsourced classes with teachers who could write a LOR for her? I don’t think they want three from the same person. It would be more typical for a homeschooling parent to write the counselor letter, but have the other two written by others who know her well and have taught her or supervised her work somehow .
  7. My DD who scored a 36 English and a 35 Reading (ACT) was an early and strong reader, plus we did a full grammar curriculum (Analytical Grammar), five years of Latin, and both AP English classes (after years of just reading good children’s literature) before testing.
  8. It should be an excellent review/reinforcement of concept, and, if all else fails, it might be a nice confidence boost!
  9. I agree with this^^ completely! My DDs/nurses had such specialized educations in college that there wasn’t too much time for exploring other interests. The most important thing for nurses (anyone, really) to develop in high school is good critical thinking skills.
  10. She says labs can take 2 ish hours every other week or so.
  11. Okay, spoke with my DD about this class. She said she spends 45-60 minutes per day, 6 days/week on this class, so 5-6 hours/week? (As a caveat/for context, she is a very fast reader and processor with strong executive function skills. She’s also taking: Calc AB, Blue Tent post-AP Eng, Connie’s O-Chem, CLRC Latin Readings, and DE Sociology. And she dances 30-ish hours per week.) She said the class is harder than Jetta’s Physics that she took in 9th, harder than Connie’s regular Chem that she took in 10th, and slightly harder than Blue Tent honors bio that she took in 11th. It is easier than Connie’s O-Chem (and she prefers the O-Chem class, fwiw). The teacher is very organized, her content is solid, and she grades quickly. DD is impressed as this is the teacher’s first year teaching AP. Lmk if you have any specific questions for DD.
  12. My DD is taking it. I’ve asked her for feedback. I’ll lyk what I hear. She’s 100% independent with everything, so I honestly have no idea!
  13. If my kid were interested in Cornell, I’d simply submit my course descriptions (which contain much, but not all of the info detailed above). They could take it or leave it. It’s important to remember who is the customer here— we’re paying them, not the other way around. There are plenty of other schools (even highly -selective schools that have much more favorable attitudes toward homeschoolers) out there.
  14. I guess this is sort of like the school profile questions on the Common App; it’s just doesn’t really make sense in the context of homeschooling, so we are forced to just answer in the way that makes to most sense to us.
  15. I really like the service https://fasttranscripts.com And the resources linked above on the pinned threads here on WTM Forums.
  16. I just completed this on Saturday and I chose high school diploma. She’ll have one that is recognized by our state and given by me. I don’t even know what they mean by homeschooled? That doesn’t answere the question of what their ‘completion status is’. By definition, if you’ve completed high school, you’re no longer homeschooled, right?
  17. I think prepping intensively for 4-6 weeks before first exam with continued prep (less intensively) between tests 2 and 3 would be most effective. This is assuming you can make that work with your schedule. My 3rd DD did this with the intensive prep during the summer of ‘20 when not much else was going on! My older DDs did less intensive prep over a full semester and neither achieved as much of a score gain.
  18. I’ve been really happy with the middle school online classes we’ve done through Aim Academy: MS French, Art, and Life Science. Most/all can be started at the semester break, I believe.
  19. I was motivated to do it today because my husband is expecting a lump sum payment in the next week or two. It probably doesn’t matter much, but every little bit helps.
  20. Spent a glorious autumn Saturday morning today…completing my DD’s FASFA and making very solid progress (90%) on her CSS profile. Ugh, but glad they’re (mostly) finished! I treated myself to a long walk listening to an excellent audiobook after my financial colonoscopy this morning!
  21. She replied! Apologized for the delay and promised to complete it by the end of the week. Hallelujah!
  22. Some, but not all, schools require FAFSA even for merit-based aid. Schools usually aren’t transparent about whether they consider need in admissions process; rare schools do advertise that their admission process is ‘need blind’, but I’ve only ever seen this claim made by highly-selective schools.
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