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  1. If you happen to have a Just Like Me one with brown eyes and blonde wavy hair, I would be interested!
  2. That sounds great, I'll check it out. Thank you!!
  3. Hello, My daughter has a reading disability, and I am looking for an online US History course. Does anyone know of anything that is interesting, maybe more video/lecture based, and without a ton of required reading? Thanks!
  4. Mostly all guns are semi-automatic. So, you want to take away all guns?
  5. It sounds like you gave your daughter a beautiful life. I'm also a seizure mom of a teen girl with similar struggles, and I can identify with so much of what you wrote. My heart breaks for you. I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. You are doing the right thing. My sister had just turned 20 & BIL was 21. My mom was apprehensive but totally supportive. My parents gave them a beautiful wedding. Less than a year later, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and two years after that she passed away. My sister has wonderful memories and photos of their wedding day. They have 4 awesome kids & have been married for 22 years. Anything that a naysayer could have said means absolutely nothing today.
  7. This. We used the extension to vacuum all around each one, and it hasn't happened since.
  8. That's scary. Our first go at homeschooling was in response to feeling that was the case. We did Phonics Pathways back then, and that seemed to catch her up a good amount. High school level material, especially the amount of reading required, is overwhelming to her at this point. I'm trying to change things up with more videos, and reading to her.
  9. Thanks for the response, I'll check out that information. She's 16, and has had epilepsy since she was 11 months old. She has had a mixture of public/private/and homeschool. Her most recent evaluation included the diagnosis of specific learning disorder with impairment in reading. They suggested OG based instruction, so we went with Barton. She was always on the slow side with reading. When we were concerned when she was younger, the public school said she was within the average range. Looking back, I think they may have redefined "average" to get out of giving services.
  10. My daughter has epilepsy and when she has seizures there is usually a trigger, like an illness or sleep deprivation. Last Tuesday, we tried Barton for the first time. That afternoon, her seizures started up. She had a number of them Tuesday, and one on Wednesday morning. She has been fine since then, until today. I had put the Barton aside and tried it again today, she had a seizure this afternoon. Can using a certain part of the brain trigger a seizure? We couldn't come up with any other possible trigger.
  11. Hello Peaceful Isle, I was searching the forum today after a trip to the ER on Friday. My first experience was accute, some pain followed by dizziness, racing heart, and shaking. Thought it might be a cardiac event, but they ruled it out and want further Thyroid testing. After that accute event, I've been having episodes like you describe with the vibrating feeling. It is not sparked by anything and comes out of nowhere. I also have a past history of the fight/flight experiences as well. Were you able to figure anything out? I have a doctors appointment for next week, and I already wrote down the thyroid tests that previous posters suggested. Are there any additional tests you would suggest? Feel free to PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  12. The cast was excellent. I was so sad when I got to the end. Murvet's mother was a hoot. I had to stop the show multiple times when I knew something bad was going to happen (usually Petro in action) & go back to it later, lol. I did look some things up during those times & finding out the real story was probably a good thing, as I was able to prepare myself. I won't say anything more about that though - don't want to spoil it for anyone watching!
  13. I watched it & loved it for all of the reasons you mentioned. The actor who played Seyit was fabulous, and better looking than any Hollywood actor!! It was slightly "soapy" at times, I called it "my Turkish soap opera." :001_smile:
  14. His house is still on the market When everything went down with the first murder, the helicopters and press in the area was crazy for a quiet small(ish) town.
  15. Do you want to stay on property? If so, they have Disney's Magical Express that provides transportation from the airport. They also have a transportation system to get to the parks, this is all included with the room price. You also get to schedule fast passes for rides before people staying off site. They have discount codes for room-only discounts, as well as free dining deals at certain times of the year. The forums at are a great resource. We've flown Southwest from our area, and book directly on their website. I can help more if you're staying on property, we've never stayed outside of the Disney bubble. :001_smile:
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