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  1. This is one of the attractions- an opportunity for riding lessons daily! She loves horses and has ridden some but with dance there's not enough time...
  2. This is her totally! Even though she is shy, she never hesitates to try something by herself! Maybe has something to do with being a triplet? My other DD is much more outgoing and just has an easier time socially. Maybe she sees this as a chance to be an individual?
  3. Last summer my girls and I attended a mother-daughter camp weekend with some friends at a girls summer camp. We all had a great time, especially DD#2 who is very excited about the possibility of attending the camp this summer...but we're undecided on sending her so I thought I'd ask for any BT/DT. It's a 2 week girls camp, no contact really with us. 8 campers per cabin with 2 counselors, similar ages together. I have 3 kids, triplets, who are 9. This DD is very shy and my most socially awkward child, but is also very confident in certain areas (she dances competitively). I've read that c
  4. We have discovered that the first few days seem to be the most interesting to our cats, so we set the tree up and wait a couple of days to decorate. We seem to have fewer broken ornaments that way!
  5. My son's issues sound very similar to your- his ENT had a nasal CT done and found that his adenoids were completely blocking his nasal passages. He had an adenoidectomy in June and his nasal problems are totally gone.
  6. I had the same issue- mine was from too much knitting! So instead I'm of giving up knitting, I taught myself to knit continental (yarn in left hand)! Worked like a charm😀
  7. I'm in the same boat! I am using this app for a week or so and its helping somewhat. I don't know how to link it but it's called Home Routines by Wunderbear. I have the free version but I was able to type in my daily cleaning, I like to do 1-2 rooms a day. I like that I can even list the individual chore and check them off as I do it. I also finally started using the calendar on my phone. Looks like there are lots of apps that do similar things, maybe one of them will work for you!
  8. I'm thankful for the recipes that were shared. I know I won't be able to find GF dough that's comparable but it would be nice. The prepackaged mixes for pancakes and muffins that we've tried have been ok, but not great. I'm hopeful that there are recipes out there that are better...this child is also diabetic so she's no stranger to compromise but it still is hard.
  9. Thank you for this recipe- so bummed that I can't use quivers recipe. Celiac disease stinks😡
  10. This is my go-to recipe for sweet rolls, but as of April I have a child with celiac. Has anyone made cinnamon rolls successfully using the 1:1 GF flour mixtures? I haven't yet ventured into the realm of mixing flours yet. I mixed the dough earlier but so far no sign of rising😠Any tips? Recipes? Thanks
  11. Gilmore Girls Alias Inspector Lewis Nashville Parenthood was one of my all time favorites!!
  12. We also did this 2 years in a row. It was so fun to watch the caterpillar grow and we were lucky enough to watch one actually emerge from its chrysalis which was just amazing. When we released it, it didn't fly away right away, just sat on my kids hands, so I got some great pictures!
  13. We also use CLE- but for some extra cursive practice we use Cursive Writing Wizard app. It has letters but you can also make your own word lists, so I make one using the CLE spelling words. I like that they can also practice their names.
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