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  1. My son took Spanish 1 as a Freshman & he will be a Junior now. He must take Spanish 2 for college requirements. Does it look bad that he didn't take it his sophomore year? Does he need to retake Spanish 1 this year and do Spanish 2 next year? Thank you!
  2. We will be out of state for 10 days and will not be able to do any school during that time or carry around any books. My 8th grader is doing pre algebra Teaching Textbooks...any questions on math apps she can do on her iphone in the meantime? Thanks!
  3. This resonates with me soooo much!!! My extended family shows up and I am the one cooking and cleaning after everyone...I have gotten to the point where I want to disappear for Thanksgiving because I can't stand anyone in my family anymore!!! People come to my small house and stay for at least 5 days and has been going on for years and frankly I don't know how much I can take. I don't want any of my family members to show up ever again! am so proud of you! Good for you!!
  4. This post is really helpful. It is nice to see that the "accredited" public schools are sometimes more flexible than we are on our homeschool kids. Thanks!
  5. It met twice weekly for 1 hr each class plus the extra practices and two mandatory performance concerts and attended a mandatory band concert to watch. Should I give 1/2 a high school credit? Awww..ok..that makes perfect sense about all the accumulated hours. Ty for explaining that.
  6. I'm working on finishing my dd's high school transcript so she can apply for a university and a community college. She is dually enrolled at the community college & completed two classes: English 1113 English Composition 1. Music 2631 College Choir: Choral ensemble performance. English is worth 3 credit hours and I'm giving her 1 full credit. Do I count Music 2631 as 1 credit hour? And if yes, how does 1 credit hour translate into a high school credit.... .25 credit? .50 credit? She attends choir twice weekly for 1 hour classes, then there's two mandatory concerts to perform. Why would this be listed as only 1 credit hour?
  7. I wanted to thank everyone that responded. I read all the responses and followed the advice given. I sat with him during a live and a recorded class. I took notes while he took notes. Bingo! Big difference so we are working on note taking. I also noticed during today's live class that he needs extra work with neg. & pos. numbers so we will try IXL and Khan. After the first few live classes in August my ds emailed him about extra practice problems and he responded that he doesn't have any but ds is welcome to make some up. Then in one of the homeschool forums (maybe TWM) I read about moms using IXL for free and Mr. D provided the username & password. So, I emailed him & obtainted that to start using IXL. I knew ds would need more practice problems than Mr. D provides to really cement it in which is why I considered Saxon. But, I may have to switch to the recorded only classes and re-arrange the family schedule to attend the live help (which a poster recommended). Thank you again to everybody!!
  8. My 8th grade son is doing pre-Algebra with Mr. D Math live class. The instructor is super encouraging, friendly, helpful, engaging and very reachable. Ds loves to be in a live class with other students. He likes math. He has an A in the class. Here's the BUT.... since it is a live class, my son has to take notes. Mr. D has his own math program & doesn't follow any particular book. There is no textbook nor a workbook. He prints the class notes provided by instructor but It is more of an outline & the kids fill in the rest as they go through the live class. When he is stuck he asks me...I'm a very non-mathy mom. I paid $190 upfront & making 10 monthly payments of $29 and you're asking ME? I can't always help him & all I can say is go back to your notes. He might not have any notes written for that particular type of problem so the only option is to watch the recorded class. Mr. D offers tutoring 2x weekly but we have schedule conflicts. He has done Teaching Textbooks since 3rd grade and there are notes & dvds explaining that type of problem where he did not waste very much time re-reading the chapter & finding the problem then analyzing what he did wrong. That Mr. D's format isn't jiving with us is NOT the program's fault. My ds prefers having all the information already there for him. Why did I change if it was working and getting done? Because I thought he needed something more rigorous to prepare him for higher maths & college. He is quite capable of getting ahead in math. Should I go back to TT since I already own the pre-algebra? I also own Saxon Math Homeschool 8/7 with Prealgebra & the Dive cd. Mr. D's rate was $190 upfront and 10 monthly payments of $29. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  9. 1. Have you found extra practice sheets for reinforcement anywhere? Mr. D said he did not have any made up. Now, I am wondering if I should have done Saxon instead. 2. We came from TT which teaches the traditional math that I grew up with. Mr. D teaches differently, with shortcuts and multiplying/subtraction/division by 10's (something like that).... those of you in class know what I mean. I s your kid having trouble re learning the method? Mine keeps trying to do it like TT taught him instead of Mr. D's way. Thanks!
  10. Bravewriter's Arrow book club is full for Sept. Does anyone know of something similar that not only discusses the book but they write about it also? But, 4-6 weeks. We don't want anything that's 2-3 months long. Tia.
  11. Is there a forum to swap ideas and tips and tricks for HSP users? I am specifically looking on how to create & list a loop schedule on HSP. Thanks.
  12. Preferably video lessons for my 8th grade son. He wants to work independently and doesn't really want feedback from mom. Thanks.
  13. My sr. dd will be attending cc next yr. and will take the placement test to for a remedial math class and then work towards college algebra. That's all good with us. But, I don't want her to not do any math her sr. yr. in high school. I want to keep math concepts fresh that might help her in that remedial class. She's taken Alg 1, Geom, and Consumer Math. I would appreciate any suggestions. Maybe even something fun (gasp), or unconventional. Thanks.
  14. I have the funds for 2 online Bravewriter classes: 1 in fall, and 1 in spring. This would be for my uprising 8th grader who doesn't like to bother with capitalizing, punctuating, or using contractions no thanks to texting. :/ And, we are still working on Easy Grammar. He doesn't like to write but he will and he did fine with BW's online book club What two classes would you pick? Thanks.
  15. This is the website: http://whenyouriseup.com/skrafty-20172018-iew-classes/ I signed up my 8th grader for the American History writing class. It is $250 for the whole year.
  16. My daughter will be a senior in the fall. Is it too late for her to do this now? She volunteers, and does service work for several churches. I can't believe we just now heard of this. Sigh.
  17. I signed up my rising 8th grader with Skrafty Minecraft Homeschool. It is a 1x week, live class taught using methodology of IEW by a teacher certified to teach this method. They will work through the American History themed workbook, and build Minecraft models related to what they're studying. I have always wanted to do IEW but could never fully execute it into our homeschool. I am hoping that with the bulk of it being taught by someone that already knows what they are doing, and with my parental oversight, then we can have a successful writing year. We are looking forward to it. Anyone here done it and can share the good and the bad? Thanks!
  18. Interesting...I will check it out now. Thanks for your reply!
  19. Sorry....Is +1 a program? I couldn't find anything when I googled that. Could you clarify? Thank you. :)
  20. I have been homeschooling for 7 years so I know all the points you made and we already do Easy Grammar. ;) Thanks.
  21. Does this exist? I really need something like this just for grammar. It must be self graded.
  22. Where can I find extra practice pages without searching the whole internet?? Ugh. I emailed TT and they had no solution except to contact their 3rd party sellers: Timberdoodle, Sonlight, Christian Books, and ask them. Would IXL line up pretty well? Thanks.
  23. My kids have been doing Prodigy all year & want to try something else. Thanks!
  24. Ok! I wasn't sure if that would be a good idea since she did not do Algebra 1 through MUS. Thanks!
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