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  1. Jann in TX, right now, he needs to review some pre-algebra, but would otherwise be able to start with (and do well with) algebra; he's skipped around a fair bit on Khan so it's hard to get an accurate assessment. I've been tinkering around with Khan this evening and I think I'm going to assign him one of the missions to see how he does. I think it would be hard to assess where he needs to be exactly, but I am thinking a quick review of pre-algebra would be a good starting point. I don't think it would take him long to come up to speed. Thanks for all of the advice and especially the various
  2. My 15yo ds has always eschewed math, convinced that he's "not good" at it. However, he's got an impressive understanding of science in general and now realizes that he wants to go into engineering...which means he's finally committed to doing the math. We've tried many programs, but never stuck to any one thing. I know now that that was a big mistake, so I'm trying to rectify it as best I can. I realize he's behind the eight ball right now, so I want to make sure any gaps are filled in and that he has a good preparation for something more rigorous later on. There doesn't seem to be an excelle
  3. This might be true, but that's a beauty. :) More information, please, says the lady who needs a new stove (that is a stove, right?)... I'd have to do some slight remodeling to get it to fit, but I'm game.
  4. White chocolate peppermint M&Ms ~ yum!

  5. Mind if I ask a question of those who make their own broth? I've just started doing this, but have found that I don't know a good way to store the broth after it is ready. Do you put it in freezer bags and freeze?
  6. We bought our tree two days ago; it's up tonight but won't be decorated until tomorrow night or this weekend. It's huge! Costco trees are supposed to be 7-8', but this thing is nearly double my 5' height. My kids are o.v.e.r.j.o.y.e.d with our big tree, lol!
  7. DS13 has been taking a middle school life science course through a local (homeschool) teacher; she's terrific teacher and he likes the other class he takes with her, but this class is really too simple for him. It's seems to be designed for the earlier ms-aged kids, I think; the other parents think I should have signed ds up for the high school class, but I was new here, and did not know. This kid loves science, and he knows plenty. He's weak on writing and, of course, we haven't done much in the way of actual bio or chem experiments. Any recommendations for a curric, or better, some bo
  8. My dd11 is fairly tomboyish, but she loves pretty earrings (like these) (and her little earring tree - it looks like a bird bath, with a few birds on it, too), bracelets (she has a couple of favorites - a leather bracelet and a pretty Asian one), nice belts, boots (oh how she loves boots!), and nice tops. Another thing she has enjoyed lately is doing different things with her hair - I should find those wraps that allow you to style/wrap your hair in various ways; hair supply items are fun, though mostly, a good brush, some pony tail holders, and youtube seem to be serving her well. :) She d
  9. So, in your opinions, does the basic account maks more sense? I doubt we'd be fiddling with it very much, at least not at first. I only just joined (a custodial account for ds) - haven't deposited any money or anything like that. I'd really like to find out more about how it works before I do, kwim? Thanks for your replies!
  10. Bumping ~ hoping the evening folks are familiar with this. Thanks!
  11. I hope someone can help! I know that when we were shopping for insurance for the house we bought this year, we were asked by several companies if any of the dogs we had were of several breeds, or if any had been known to bite. My Great Pyr can be frighteningly fierce, but the dog I worry about the most is the little one we inherited from my MIL - she's a Lhasa Apso and she growls at everything, and has nipped - the air so far - at my cats, my other dogs, and my youngest dd. ETA: Perhaps you can contact a rescue that works with breeds known to be aggressive; I remember seeing a query fro
  12. Those exist? I bet dd8 would love those - she's asked for a black pepper plant for Christmas, even! Huh.
  13. No...but now, I'm not sure I want to try them! Where did you get them - maybe they'll be fun for dd8's stocking? (Or, you know, not.)
  14. Someone recently suggested sharebuilder.com as a way for me to buy stocks for my son, who wants to get involved with investing. I'd love to know about any positive or negative experiences with it, if anyone here is familiar with it.
  15. I have that little Pampered Chef spatula, and use it often - it's great! For non-stick needs, I like their small nylon turner, which I probably use even more. My other favorite PC items include their Mix N Scraper, their Microplaner Adjustable Grater - Fine, and their garlic press. I was at a PC party with a professional chef and self-described knife snob, who told us that she'd once spent over $1K for a hand-crafted Santoku knife in Japan, and who, after examining and using the PC knives at the party, told us that they were very good quality and if she needed knives, she'd order any of the
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