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  1. I don't think so. However, last year they had a homeschool code as well as some kind of code for PA Homeschoolers if I remember. I may have to look through my files. He had some kind of number that he had to write down that he was going to use if he took more than one exam, but that may have been his personal number...
  2. Well, I let my children say what I say to anyone who smokes. STOP NOW. You are not only punishing yourself, you are punishing your children. I tried to get my dad to quit since I was 5. I would flush his cigarettes down the toilet, put pictures of lungs of people that smoked on the mirror, wrote letters, cried, begged. To no avail. So what happened? The smoking helped cause major osteoperosis and he broke his femur and was on oxygen 24/7. He couldn't take care of himself anymore. So he lived with me so I can take him everywhere: doctors, Walmart, etc. He had to quit because I wouldn't buy him
  3. I know this is an old thread. I'm going to disagree here. I think you should definitely take BOTH the ACT and the SAT. Different schools accept different ones. Different kids do well on one or the other. Also, some schools like Baylor and LeTourneau superscore. They take the highest math score they get and the highest verbal even if they are on different tests. Your test scores help determine how much merit aid you get. The Baylor rep said many kids take their SAT 4 times to get more aid. They had a ton of them taking the SAT in June after their senior year to get a couple thousand mo
  4. Oh Faith, I do agree with you in part. My big problem is this lady with her child that at age 18 will have her bachelor's degree. Then what? I guess I would not think that a typical 18 year old would be ready to go into the business world to work for a company if they had a business degree let us say. I mean my friends all had internships that they did throughout college and it just seems like 18 is quite a bit different in maturity than even 22. Maybe not. Maybe an 18year old homeschooler is just way more mature than a regular public schooler.. I'm just thinking, ok she has a political sc
  5. Ok, this is just what I was told this past Monday night at my homeschool meeting: We broke into groups and I went into the high school group. One mom was so incredibly thrilled with College Plus and her daughter was using it. I know someone mentioned a big fee of somekind. One thing is that you have to go through these study skills classes and speed reading classes. She had the DVD's or computer programs or whatever they were. So they have to take some kind of critical thinking program. ( She had done it a lot with her daughter already.) You have to complete these before you start t
  6. Yes, Driver's Ed in a Box you have to do classroom and behind the wheel. And they will send you a certificate of completion. They have a curriculum for each state, I think. They send you all the forms and everything. It is great. They have a Texas parental supplement with all the forms and such. So see if they have one for California. If so, it will take you through step by step. Christine
  7. Hi Angie, Yep, we are doing that, too. My son and I did quiet neighborhoods today. Look at large churches in your area. We did the parking lot at my church. Dh drops me off for praise team and then spends the hour driving around before Sunday School. I really like Driver's Ed in a Box. Christine
  8. I have a year to figure this out, but these were my thoughts: The Teaching company has a course on nutrition that looked pretty good. I would have them take a REd Cross First Aid Course. Some kind of dating book: I Kissed Dating Goodbye or Passport to Purity or something like that... perhaps visiting a pregnancy crisis center and interviewing those that work there Having a drug counselor or former addict come speak as part of a field trip for our group. I want to have some kind of fitness component in there as well. Christine
  9. Well, for me it is to do things I cannot: Spanish, speech, college level science, computer programming and such. Also rather than going from 8-3 Monday through Friday, he will only be going 3 days a week for an hour. My son is incredibly shy and needs to start interacting with others. I see CC as a good bridge for him before he goes off to a regular college. I am not totally anti public school either, though. For us personally, homeschooling is better. But community college will help me. I just don't have time to prepare in depth for 6 to 8 classes a piece for my 3 children. There just
  10. I plan to enroll my oldest at CC next year. There was just an article about our CC and how their enrollment is the highest is has ever been and a big part of it is the dual enrollment. They have over 1500 kids enrolled in the dual credit program this year!!! I notice in their catalogue that several of the classes have stars by them to indicate they are high school only so you can't enroll if you are older. That is what I had planned to do. That said, I'm sure you will find all of what she said in a high school only class as well. All I have to do is stroll through the high school footbal
  11. How are all of those subjects going with your daughter?? Basically before we started vision therapy I was banging my head against the wall trying to do school with my daughter. She just couldn't do it and she and I would get frustrated. So this is what I did for my school schedule while we were doing vision therapy: Phonics- I dropped everything but Phonic pathways as that helped her vision as well. I just did a page a day. Reading- At first she struggled over even Bob books and so I stopped having her read and just read to her a lot. Once vision therapy had progressed, I had h
  12. As I was reading the can you believe our parents let us watch that thread, I can totally relate. There are many "kid" movies that I remembered fondly that had all kinds of profanity and innuendo in it that I did not remember at all. That said, I have started to watch many of them with my children and also relax and watch a little more PG-13 movies. My boys are now 13 and 15 and I worry about them going to college with absolutely no exposure to this stuff. I mean we stay home, go to church, go to a homeschool activity or two, piano lessons and that's it. I and my children hear no profanity
  13. Hi! My son did Biology in 8th and then Chemistry as a 9th grader last year and is doing Physics this year as a 10th grader. As long as they are strong in math, they should be fine. Biology was a definite step up from physical science and my son didn't enjoy it much. He LOVED Chemistry and is enjoying Physics so far and will do AP in those classes. He loves all the math and their is tons of it. In fact, he said so far physics feels like a math class to him. Christine
  14. Grin.. I married one and so now am a Baptist. We both loved Baylor SO much. The "Baylor Bubble" was such a great experience. AS I said, it was so incredibly nuturing, but I was passionate about my faith and my friend's son was not and never owned it. He went because his parents did. I'm hoping that my boys will own their own faith. I think my oldest has and my youngest. I'm not completely sure about my middle one. He's pretty easily swayed by who he is around. My oldest will do what is right, but he could care less about what people think about him. My youngest one will try to win an
  15. Oh my goodness, I don't know any student at all who does this... Now granted, the math I use has a lecturer and so he watches it and then just does the problems just like he would in a regular class. For science, he read and highlights the material. He does the reviews and practice problems. Sometimes he does the web stuff. He makes out a study sheet for himself and takes the test. As far as foreign language and/or any textbook, NO PUBLISHER EXPECTS YOU TO DO EVERYTHING IN IT!!!!!! It gives you choices various things to do to understand the material. You aren't supposed to do it all.
  16. Unless they've changed you will get credit for the class. I got out of Biology with my ACT at Baylor and it was listed as a credit. I only had to have one semester of science for my education degree, so I never had to take a science at Baylor:D ( I hated science!!!) As far as the writing, have her write as much as she possibly can. I had to write a ton in all of my classes at Baylor!!! Sic Em Bears!!! I will say this as far as the Christian atmosphere. It was VERY Christian for me. There were tons of opportunities and everyone around me was. I did know of those that partied and yo
  17. My son used the VHS tapes for Geometry last year. I bought them as well as the book and solutions manual for 40 bucks, so I couldn't resist. He did great with them, but he is a math person. I can't tell you about the new ones. Christine
  18. I think the huge worry is that it will open the door for the legislature to require documentaion for ALL homeschoolers...the slippery slope. We enjoy our independence here in Texas, so we just opt for no sports. That said, more and more homeschool leagues are popping up and sometimes you can play with the private school leagues. Christine
  19. It's not. If they have DE, then they cannot resell. Plus, what do you mean complete package? For rhetoric? dialectic? lower grammar? Plus most people merge levels or use what they have. Yes, don't buy any books without having your curriculum in hand. I also made that mistake first year. They are right. I look at what I have on the shelves or what my library has and then buy only what I need or what is used multiple weeks. Don't forget your co-op library. I've been able to get some neat stuff through ours. Christine
  20. Grin. Blasphemy!!! Just kidding. But I eat, breathe and sleep music. My children love it because it is everywhere in our home. The boys take piano and play a little guitar. My daughter takes violin and I'm teaching her a little piano. Choir and/or stick programs have been a part of their lives almost since birth. They heard me singing while in the womb and going to concerts. However, art...is another thing. I avoid art museums like the plague. I think it is awful and boring. My boys complain if they have to hold a crayon. I got tons and tons of coloring books that went unused. I
  21. My son is watching the Advanced Communication through IEW. He is going through the notetaking session right now and it seems helpful. Like a previous poster, I wrote EVERYTHING down that the professor said. IEW has this branch method that actually makes more sense to me and would have been easier. christine
  22. I will also add that year 1 is the toughest to find books!! It becomes easier every year. I had a really hard time finding books used for that year and that is the only year that I had to make a substantial book purchase directly from TOG. Interlibrary loan is another possiblility if you have it and if it is reliable. I just never new if I would get a book in a few days or a month. Then I could only keep it for 2 weeks, so if it got there to early... Christine
  23. Grin...what most of you call lesson plans I would call a schedule. (Which is great. I am not saying you need a lesson plan.) It has been over 15 years since I made a "lesson plan" for teaching in the ps. It consisted of learning objectives and how I would accomplish: The student will learn the times facts for 3's today. The student will play //// math game. The student will analyze the math facts and create real life problems using the 3's facts. The student will create a mind map. The student will demonstrate mastery by completing at least 20 out of 25 facts on a works
  24. How do you make the 13 year go work outside if the 15yo doesn't have to. They do mow our place, but the grass hasn't grown in the last two weeks because the temps have been between 98 and 105 and we haven't gotten any rain. They water our garden, blackberry plants etc. They are hauling away tree limbs. It is just that when he is done with school at 1, it is 100 and it doesn't feel fair to have him work when the 15yo really needs school time. They generally do 30 minutes or so of outside work at 7:30 am every day. Christine
  25. Well, my classes had tons of reading but not necessarily from textbooks. I remember on semester I had a Shakespeare class where we covered at least 1 play a week sometimes two, another literature class where I had 5 or 3 or 4 novels and a huge anthology, and two history courses that had a spine and 3 or 4 novels each. I read constantly. So, I am doing TOG with my boys which I think will get them ready for the volume of reading. Next year they may do AP government which will help them with textbook work, though they do science and math with a textbook. I started Teaching Company lectu
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