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  1. MY DD made her decision. Where: University of Michigan Ann Arbor Why: It boiled down to UMich and Swarthmore College. She'll be in the Residential College where she felt she can get a small college feel while still having all of the benefits of a large university. The Residential College will also allow her to have intensive study of a language (continue with German, add Russian and another critical language) and continue with music studies while pursuing her major. Major: Linguistics
  2. @Calming Tea We visited Swarthmore and UPenn on the same day. DD did not like "the feel" she got at UPenn and decided not to apply. She is absolutely NOT excited about Philly (nor New York when we visited NYU). She prefers the college town of Ann Arbor much better than the city. She's a musician but won't be a music major. There is actually a train/metro station right on Swarthmore's campus that goes right into Philly. My mother-in-law lives across the street from a very prestigious Jesuit school in Detroit, and she's friends with the counselors there. She told them that DD got accepted at Swa
  3. Thank you @JennyD D loves Swarthmore and feels honored to have been accepted and awarded a scholarship. However, she's a little concerned about the small size. She's got such a big academic personality and feels that she might feel limited at a small school (on the flip side, large schools intimidate her 🙄). We've discussed the consortium of colleges and that fact that she'd be able to also take course at UPenn. She'll make a decision soon because her last decision should be coming in the next few days.
  4. I'm quite sure your son will have a great experience at UT. Is UT OOS for you? D is waiting to hear from 1 more school. She declined admittance at 4 schools already. She's waiting on this last one, and she'll choose from her top 3. She's already fallen in love with a program at one school, and everything seems to fall in line with her academic and personal goals at that school. She's already communicating with the cello faculty there, so I think her heart is there. We asked her not to decide until she has her top 3 offers on the table.
  5. Hook 'em, Horns! My nephew graduated from UT Austin a few years ago. I also graduated from UT many moons ago. I live in MD, but my roots are in TX.
  6. Oh gosh! I'm dreading buying dorm supplies. This is my 3rd and last. Yay! Back to work I go (maybe).
  7. @madteaparty We've only been able to find general information about this scholarship. We are guessing it's merit because we've never qualified for need-based aid (3rd DC going to college). I would say that even admitted students who were not offered scholarships are exceptional applicants because Swarthmore had like an 8.5-8.6% acceptance rate this round. https://www.swarthmore.edu/news-events/995-admitted-to-swarthmore-class-2023?fbclid=IwAR2U-CPqpmxcXCQs2Uknrzzv7ZzRWxzTNeTaKt_asj5pExzdE5VN8xZeYbo
  8. DD was awarded a Swarthmore College Scholarship at Swarthmore College. It is extremely generous and makes Swarthmore financially possible for us.
  9. DD found out a few hours ago that she was accepted to Swarthmore College. She's waiting to hear from 1 more.
  10. Another acceptance came in for DD. She was accepted to University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). Waiting on 3 more. Edited Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - DD accepted to University of Maryland (College Park). 2 decisions remaining.
  11. DD accepted to: Indiana University (Bloomington), scholarship, honors college University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), honors program University of Maryland Baltimore County, scholarship And still waiting to hear from 4 more schools.
  12. My oldest was a music composition major (graduated in May). Luckily for him, he already had a portfolio of pieces. Because he was in a youth orchestra (trumpet) and took private composition lessons at a music school in DC, it wasn't difficult to get his pieces performed and recorded. The process is very tedious, but worth it in the end. My youngest is going through the application process now. She's submitted 4 applications (her top 4 choices) and has 9 more to go. She wants to get them all in by November 1st even though she's applying regular decision to most. I'm happy that this is
  13. When my DS took the ASVAB in 10th grade (Just for test-taking practice. Absolutely no interest in going in the military), we were given this same information by the testing coordinator.
  14. :bigear: My 17 y/o DD, who is an excellent student, is also feeling very uninspired by school.
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