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  1. I am still looking for feedback but for now I have decided to refer to Lukeion Latin 1 and 2 as CP. I am leaning towards labeling Latin 3 as H.
  2. So is it wrong to list a Lukeion class as: Latin 2 and then have a column for the level of class and designate it as H Level with a corresponding description such as, "H = Honors; H level is granted for work designated by a outside provider as an Honors course or a course completed with College level materials but without a corresponding AP or CLEP exam available." Would you consider this dishonest or is this an appropriate decision as an administrator of a homeschool?
  3. I just started Beast with DD. Oh how I wish it had been out when my DS's were younger!!! At least I get to enjoy it with her, though! ETA- Sorry. I realize I just gushed in the wrong thread. You were specifically talking about review of concepts in the program, not a review of the program! Sorry. Shouldn't be clicking around while waiting for DD to finish cursive!
  4. F/U question- If you include a "type" column/designation. What would you do for classes that a student takes an AP exam but did an at home class without an approved syllabus? (One of the "w/AP exam" class descriptions? For weighting purposes is the level H or AP?
  5. My DS really enjoyed Mr. Frey's AP Biology via Kolbe Academy. I believe he also teaches a regular or honors course at Kolbe but I have not checked the class schedule for this year.
  6. Sadly, this post should probably be added to the awesome master list post on transcripts, NCAA, etc. Folks will need to know when they start researching. The more details you provide the more upsetting it is. I'm not sure how you kept your cool through the frustration!
  7. I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing and for the heads up. And congrats to your DS!
  8. I included my own scale (not using + and -) and then recorded the grades from outside providers using that scale. So no pluses or minuses- even if an outside provider used them. I figure as long as it's uniform in application it's reasonable to handle that way. Hopefully admissions will agree.
  9. My son really liked the format and structure of Mrs. Serbick's class at Aim Academy. He took it a year in which only recorded lessons were available (no live class) and that worked well for him.
  10. I'm so sorry. You are obviously doing things right despite how you feel right now. The fact that your children feel worse for you than they do for themselves is a testament to that. I hope it all works out. I'm quite certain that you have not ruined their futures by one mistake this morning.
  11. He's playing a game with his brother. I believe that should do the trick! Continued good luck to all the test takers (and their parents)!
  12. The pressure to relax is making DS stressed. All the review books tell you to relax and not stress the night before an exam!
  13. Do you have to make a special note that credits were taken over the summer on your transcript? Would it be misleading to simply include them as credit for the year the student is entering? If you have made a note can you explain what you have done on the transcript?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions! Here is another question: If he takes Algebra B over the summer what else would he need to "cover" to be prepared for ACT/SAT testing? (Obviously, the more math the better for these exams but what would you consider the "minimum"?)
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