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  1. Perfect parenting advice for the seven year old who ran away from home (school). You thought of everything. You are my hero. (Well, one of them.):)

  2. I enjoyed your post on the OT.

  3. The more I find out about you the more I like you. :)

  4. Good job. I have a long post with quotes, but maybe it isn't the best approach. ;)

  5. Hi! It was good to see you post!

  6. Yay!:001_smile: I'm a friend.:grouphug:

  7. I really appreciate your comments on the extended breastfeeding thread.

  8. I don't recall ever seeing the need to report any of your posts. :grouphug:

  9. :grouphug:You are so brave. It was so loving to share your story about your son.

  10. I really liked the way you defended MFW. :)

  11. Wonderful posts on the AAS threads!

  12. We are still really struggling with consistency. A toddler is so challenging, and it seems someone in my family is always sick. Thank you for the confession. I think that helped me more than anything.:grouphug:

  13. WOW! How wonderful of you to be willing to share your experience in such detail to help us! km_hug.gif

  14. Thanks!:thumbup: (close as I could find to a high five)

  15. :grouphug: I am having a bad month too.

  16. Okay, so for some reason I have avoided reading your site. I really don't know why. So here I go... I have seen you say too much that shows really great parenting. Reading your site now.

  17. Each category seems to end before it is fully explained? I am really interested in how you managed to homeschool an extrovert... that is so me.

  18. That ended on a good note, don't you think? :D

  19. Oh, I missed all the excitement. :(

  20. You now have a fan.

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