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  1. Two field trips in the last two weeks and I've finally realized that my kids are old enough that field trips are finally more fun than work! King's Island and the Ark Encounter. Good times.

    1. vonfirmath


      YAY! We were at the Ark on July 31. LOVED it.


  2. My family doesn't need a calendar to know it's a holiday tomorrow. They can tell from the smell of the pies running over in the oven :)

  3. Overheard while my 7yodd was working on her math: "Twelve . . . twelve . . oh man, I'm going to have to use my toes!"

  4. A poorly timed vacation and now the decision to keep on going with school or hang it up for the summer. Grrr . . . I hate making these decisions!

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      Hang it up and just read!

    2. Tenaj


      Sounds good to me

    3. Luckymama


      No vacation is poorly timed ;)

  5. Waiting on the Cincinnati Conference to begin in a few hours!

  6. It makes me happy when I find the third book of a series I'm reading free for the Kindle :)

  7. Before Christmas, my 5yods couldn't blend letters during phonics time, three weeks later and no practice and suddenly he can do it!

    1. Down_the_Rabbit_Hole


      my oldest did this, the break allowed his brain to process it all

    2. Unicorn.


      my kids are like this w/ math and summer break

  8. Ack! The one big present that I wanted to buy for my middle boys is on backorder everywhere. I should have bought it in the summer.

    1. TN Mama

      TN Mama

      You should post what it is and maybe someone from the Hive can help you out!

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