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  1. I believe is is Vernal Falls Trail at Yosemite in California. Karen
  2. I haven't used either, but I think the Ferbys are shorter and the Super Ferbys are longer. (Maybe someone can verify this.) I'm still hoping someone out there can comment on the "Super 3s" also by Lyra and also triangular, but thinner. Has anyone used these? Karen
  3. This is the site where I found the Lyra Super 3s. They seem to be the same as the Super Ferbys except thinner. Has anyone used these? Are they as good as the Super Ferbys? They are still a triangular pencil, just not as fat as the Super Ferbys. Does anyone know what size would be better, or if it matters, for developing proper pencil holding position. Thanks! Karen
  4. Are the Derwents triangular? It doesn't say that on any listing I've found. If they are that would be great! I like the idea of lots of colors!
  5. I have done a lot of reading of old posts and looking at options online. I had no idea you could spend so much on colored pencils!!! I do want to get quality supplies that my kids will enjoy using, but before I make my purchase I have a few questions! My kids are 7 and 9, but we are correcting some major handwriting and pencil holding issues, so I know I want the triangular shaped ones. I plan to have the kids using them frequently to help correct their pencil holding issues without having to focus on letter formation at the same time. I have been looking at the Lyra Super Ferbys, the Lyra Super 3s, and the Koh-I-Noor Triocolors. Which of these do you like the best? Are there other triangular colored pencils that you prefer? Is it better to buy one set to share or a set for each child? And, very importantly, where can you get the best deal? Thanks for the help! Karen
  6. If you want a good explanation that's easy to understand, I would read Life of Fred, Fractions. He has a wonderful way of explaining things in a very easy to understand manner. Karen
  7. :bigear: While my kids are slightly older (7 and 9) I'm a new homeschooler, so I'm also eager to hear replies!
  8. :lol: I say those exact words to my kids! In my defense I'm new at this! Also, my kids are all closse in age (9, 9 and 7) so we are doing a lot together, so it's not uncommon to have all three doing the same thing. Karen
  9. :iagree: When my son was that age he was diagnosed with some minor motor skill delays. I felt bad for not figuring it out myself, but once it was pointed out to me it made sense. Suddenly we understood that was why he had never liked to draw or color. He literally didn't have the strength needed in his little hands. We did occupational therapy which helped. I mention this because if your dd has some minor motor skill delays there are lots of things you can do to help. We learned many fun excercises like squirting a spray bottle and drawing in pudding with our fingers! (He was also sensitive to touching anything wet or sticky. I had been clueless... I just thought he was naturally neat.) Karen
  10. It seems like many of you are very happy with SOTW. I had read that it was inaccurate. Is this the case? My personal history knowledge is very weak, so I need to be able to trust my materials. I'll be learning right along side the kids! Karen
  11. Since I am just about to start homeschooling I have been looking into all sort of curriculum. I know I saw one that advertized that the student will have read the entire Bible three times if you did their program all the way through. But now I can't find it. Does anyone know which one it was??? Thanks! Karen
  12. I will be a first time homeschooler this year and am struggling to pick out our curriculum! I am reading a ton here and also am reading TWTM. Unfortunately, the more I learn the more overwhelmed I feel!!! So far the only curriculum I've settled on is Zaner-Bloser for handwriting. A little background: My kids are 9,9, and 7. They would be doing 4th and 2nd grades at school. They've been at private school, but for financial reasons we simply can't continue. They are all very bright. From reading TWTM I'm beginning to understand what a classical education is about. The concept of filling their heads with tons of facts from 1st-4th grades makes a lot of sense! (Sudden panic... my girls only have one year left of that time period!!!) When I first stated looking into curriculum, my friend recommended Sonlight. At first it seemed great (I think a ton of reading is important) but now that I understand the reason for a chonological history I'm not sure if it's the best choice. So... I'm looking for help in choosing a fact rich history curriculum. (Ideas for fact rich curriculum in other subjects also welcome!) I do want my kids reading a lot. I also feel it's important that we have a positive first year. I know I will have to resist my temptation to do too much trying to make up for lost time! Thanks in advance for your help! Karen
  13. Thanks for the welcome and the info! I'll definitely check them out! Karen
  14. I'm new here and looking forward to what others suggest, but I do have a lot of ideas off the top of my head. Do you have a microscope? If so there is so much that can be looked at! Everything from butterfly wings to doing fecals on your own animals. Disection is a great way to see what all those organs really look like. Animal behavior and training offers so many opportunities. Even goldfish are usually eager to work for their food. Even a child can train one to swim through a little hoop in the tank with a little patience. Or there's always seeing if a mouse can learn a maze faster if the reward at the end is better, but some moms don't like mice! Karen
  15. Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for! :) Karen
  16. I am trying to select a cursive handwriting program and am interested in RFH, but I haven't been able to find a sample alphabet. I can find a few sample pages, but nothing that shows what the whole alphabet looks like. Does anyone know where I can find that? Thanks! Karen
  17. Hi! I'm new here and this will be my first year as a homeschooler too! I'm excited to see there are others nearby. We are in Stafford. We have three children. Our girls are 9 and our son is 7. I am looking forward to this new chapter of our lives and yet I'm terrified at the same time! I guess that's probably normal. I would love info about any good groups in the area! Thanks! Karen
  18. Wow! You're only 10% terrified! I envy you!!! I am going to be starting this fall as well. I have two forth graders (girls)and a second grader (boy). So we'll all be new at this together!!! Karen
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