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  1. My now 17 year old son is off of his medication. We used it for many years but after a while and since we lived a structured school life, our doctor recommended we take him off on the weekends and then reduce it to be used "as needed". He said that as boys grow up they go through many chemical changes in their life specially during puberty and afterwards. Since this happens they may adapt to structure and no longer need the medication. We tried it and he no longer needs his meds. He is not the MOST structure andorganize person but he doesn more often than not get his things done by using his "to-do " list and journal he learned to use during the prior years... I have found that ADD kids primarily need structure and routine during these years then they take off on their own. This might be why your doctor recommended it. It may work for you son, like it did for mine. Or, it may not work but you will have to have patience and understanding if you try it. Just like any drug it takes time for it to leave his system and his system to get used to functioning without it. My son, says he feels good about not having to take it but he sees why he needed it before....
  2. My son is 8 years old entering the 3rd grade. He is advanced in most of his classes except of course writing. I am struggling here so I've registered him for a class using IEW. Does anyone have advice and hints for me. Feeling very uable to teach writing...
  3. I want Christmas season to remain focused on the whole reason for the season. But like you I either plan too much or do too little. I'm looking for a balance...so please keep the ideas coming...
  4. I'm so glad you posted this and so many of us have answered.... it appears to me that this has become a vessel of healing and encouragement for so many of us. So many times you feel that you are the only one who can't control the anger, critcism etc or how to even try to handle it. By everyone sharing so honestly is shows the you are NTO alone and that there are hints to help you get through this time in life.... I think God was so wise to put in the bible that those who hae walked the walk should teach the youngones in teh wasy but somehow society has seen it fit to show only an IMAGE of a got it together mother with little to no worries becaseu others may think we are weak.. yet how much MORE strength does it take to share you heart with others and humble yourself to listens to their words... thanks to everyone who has shared...
  5. Instead of $20-25 for food you could give them a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot. Offer to help clean up. Offer a fan or two to help get rid of any residual smoke smell. Offer your washer and dryer for any smell on clothes and bedding. these are great ideas!
  6. I wish I had the restrain you do. I agree that . "Thank you for you concern but this IS working fo rme and my family and we are sticking to it." Your 9 year old genious in math may just want to be a child before conquering the world of caculus... hummm what a thought.... a child be a child and keep the love of learning>>>> God has a way of showing us how arrogant we are, so just wait and let time teach you bil the difference between opinion and reality.
  7. I don'tthink you are giving up the dream..... I think the dream goes on. I have a son with ADD and another who has ants in his pants. I swore I would never homeschool the 2nd one and of course God sat back and giglled. I loved yoru post and think you are wise to adjust to accept and to move on to another way for the time being... our dreams are a long journey and I hate to be the one to burst your bubble , so to speak.... as long as youare home and you have kids.... you are homeschooling..... you are just placing different academic standards on yourself..... good luck and be proud to listen to God's direction for you and your family...
  8. ...you buy everything thing you "think" might work for your child. ( You will probably not use half of it) ....demand that everyday must be a productive day...(be real did you give 100% everyday when you were in the work force?) ...you guide yourself by your child "desires" for the day....they change as fast as the wind.... ...set a basic schedule and not include felxibility.... (a schedule should be maintaint 85-90% not 100%) ...you don't remember to "just take the day off" when things are going so badly it is causing distress to you and your kids...(no one ever learns in this enviroment AND no one ever teaches well in it either) ...you don't stick to the basics and then branch out... READ "THE WELL_TRAINED_MIND" you can't do EVERYTHING in it but you can adjust and most importantly learn where your childs ability to learn is at a given time. Just my thoughts... hope they help OH! One mor very imporant thing... I started homeschooling my 2nd son since pre-K..... remember the age of who you are speaking to... I juggled between speaking to an adult and then to my kindergardener and wondered why he couldn't just get it.... well he didn't even know half of the workds I was saying becasue I was talking to him with the vocabulary I used to talk to my teen. Logic was just not there.....
  9. My son is now going to be a senior in high school. We went through what you ager going through. He sounds flip-floppy and not very committed. I too agree that he should be held accountable for his decidion and the question revisited agin next year. I understand the concern about having to redo 9th grade or not receive credits however, to me that is irrelevant as you are forming the charector of the boy. As they go through these years they may "think" they want this and that but they will change their minds as often as they change their T-shirts someday even more. We are scared that they will get resentful, adgry or anything else but we are the parent and must do what is best for their "whole" person not just academically. They will have to suck it up and accept the results of their decision as they will in life. So I think it is important to teach them the importanct of decision making and then revisit it next year. It doesn't matter if he graduates a year later or a year sooner but what kind of person you have helped shapred him to be. Just my 2 cents worth---
  10. I'm a "no sex until marraige" person now but I wasn't always..... in fact I thought that birth control was great and right up as important as the latest fad.... I couldn't understand why so many were opposed to something that could let you do as you want without the consequences. Now I'm opposed to it becaseu of scinetifically documented effects on the female body which happen to also support my spiritual beliefs. But back in the day, my friends were having sex andknew all about bc. They just told me they didn't thinkit would havppen to them.... I think it is less with birth control and more with self- control or lack of since virtues are no longer practiced much in our current day with most things being easy gratification....just think how many times we think the microwave is taking too long.... just food for thought
  11. Sometimes not having to worry about making dinner for the night is a gift in itself. Not that they can't do it but they don't have to. This way they can concentrate their efforts to restoring or attending that matters that need thir response.. Dolly
  12. I'm so sorry you ahve had to go through such a touch time. I wish there were words that would ease everything but there isn't. I will however add you to my prayer list and begg God for his healing hand to touch you both. Dolly
  13. Pray, pray and pray.... give yourself time outs sleep everyday list 3 things great that happened when you start feeling angered, take a look at the mirror and say something positive about what is angering you give yourself a break....we all lose it many women live with a front that everyone sees and another that only the family sees....we are all human and we lose it be ready to be humble and ask forgiveness even from your children...BUT be specific about what you are asking forgiveness for. I find I tend to commit that humiliating action less often .
  14. you dont know what you are up against. And I too fell into the same boat. We were are reading the 5 love languages of teens at this point but the 5 love languages for kchildren is also good. Unfortunately the prior one has enlightened us , like you, to how our own behavior is mimiced in our kids . It gives great advice on how to turn things around which will will be implementing....check it out!
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