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  1. Events, like those shown in Taken, have a basis in reality. Granted, the rescue is extremely farfetched; but girls have been kidnapped, in real life, and girls have been drugged and prostituted, in real life, and girls have been auctioned, in real life. Maybe not all these events happen together for every situation, but they had to make the most of their 1.5 hr timeslot. It's been awhile since I saw the movie, but definitely did make me question taking kids abroad where I have a language barrier, making us more vulnerable. And yeah, reactive attachment disorder is a thing... but I thi
  2. Yes, I think we all know it happens, but I don't leave my kids with other caregivers... and I absolutely believe the foster system is fraught with abuse and kids would be better off in orphanages. Where is that eyeroll emoji?? Um, yeah, but I think we all can agree that fiction can enlighten us about such things that are not a reality for many of us. And can make us realize that it is something to be aware of and concerned about.
  3. Well I'm not clicking on the vids and I know nothing about Qanan. Absolutely, I believe trafficking is a huge and growing issue. I am sure there is some organized crime involved. As drug people sell their own children, it will fuel the growth and become more organized, sadly. I absolutely worry about my children and am prone to helicoptering... no solo walks or bike rides allowed. Did anyone see the Liam Neeson movie, Taken? I saw when my dd was little and I'm always nervous about International travel with kids. It still seems like more of an abroad, than at-home issue.
  4. Oh no, not something I have to keep alive! A friend got me potted tulips for Valentine's. Pretty, and I am dutifully watering, but anticipating their death so I can get them off the windowsill. My house is light and bright, and I actually like winter, but would like this cold snap to ease up so I can go outside!
  5. This is the time of year when I feel like, "Always winter, never Christmas." 🙁
  6. @ericathemom I want to read "People are not Projects". Link, please?
  7. Have you seen an osteopath? They look at the whole body and possibly could try manipulations to relieve pressure on that knee.
  8. I used Bookshark. It is the secular version of Sonlight without Bible or religious references. I appreciated the "heads up" Bookshark would give in instructor guide of questionable topics, health topics, scary things, and earth origins, from what I recall. I only used until grade 2-3.
  9. I'll add that you can row on a total gym too.
  10. I have total gym too and I love it. Can use for so many strength exercises and can do a low impact cardio jog as well. They say it can be used for short or tall people, but I'm very average. I guess you just slide up or down on board as needed. I like Rosalie Brown and Todd Durkins videos. Can find on youtube.
  11. How does this work? Like an old fashioned storm cellar?
  12. I feel so dumb that this never occurred to me. I read-aloud to all my kids. Separately, I also make my reluctant reader ds9 read aloud to me. But never thought of alternating pages to make it easier for him. He's actually doing really well now, excitedly reading aloud The Lion Witch & Wardrobe tonight, but I'll remember this method when he is dragging his feet.
  13. Also, my general gameplan is to copy the booklists from Veritas, Memoria, Bookshark, etc.
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