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  1. So had you had a family member test positive for covid in 2020 you would not have preferred they be given the option of taking an old drug in correctly prescribed dosages rather than having them sent home with no treatment plan other than if you get to the point where you can breathe get to the ED? Did you watch Dr. Campbell's youtube?
  2. Covid-19 did not start when the vaccine came out. Many people died before the vaccines were out. Had many of the dead been given ivermectin in the correct dosage along with the other vitamins included in the home kits those in India were given perhaps there would have been fewer deaths. Telling doctors they are not allowed to prescribe medications (old medications with known effects, I might add) but rather must send patients home to wait and see if they get to the point of not being able to breathe is not a plan to provide the best care for your citizens. I am sure the families of the now dead, if asked, would have preferred their family member to at least been offered these kits or at least a prescription for Ivermectin at the outset of diagnosis.
  3. At what dosage? If it had been correctly prescribed rather than them resorting to guessing at dosage they might have had a better outcome as evidenced by the India home kits discussed.
  4. I am happy to see this new drug. Also as it happens, India had much success treating Covid-19 with home kits given to newly diagnosed patients that included Ivermectin. Dr. John Campbell recently spoke about this on youtube. Seems like a better approach than has largely been implemented here with the go home until you can't breathe then get to the ED.
  5. As it turns out CDC overruled the FDA panels recommendation on boosters. Seems to me we should be more concerned with getting first and second dose vaccines to others who have not had access before going beyond boosters for those truly at high risk here. https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210923/cdc-panel-backs-pfizer-boosters-select-groups The vote on boosters for healthcare and other high-risk workers was rejected 9 to 6. “I think that there is ample evidence that people such as a healthcare workers do not have repeated exposure in the workplace,” said Beth Bell, MD, a clinical professor at the University of Washington. “They're using PPE as they should and they're following the other policies within the healthcare setting. There's lots of evidence that suggest that health care workers who become infected become infected because of exposures in the community.” She was not alone in feeling cautious. “I think this is an extremely slippery slope,” said Sarah Long, MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Drexel University in Philadelphia, before her vote to reject boosters for healthcare and other high-risk workers. “We might as well just say, ‘Give it to everybody 18 and over.’ We have an extremely effective vaccine. It’s like saying it’s not working and it is working.” The committee saw data showing that all of the vaccines remain highly protective against hospitalization and death for all age groups, though protection against getting sick with COVID has waned slightly over time and with the dominance of the more contagious Delta variant. Those at highest risk for a severe breakthrough infection — those that cause hospitalization or death — are older adults. How Much Will the U.S. Benefit from Boosters? Some felt squeamish about broadly recommending boosters at all. “We have too much hope on the line with these boosters,” said James Loehr, MD, who is a family practice doctor in Ithaca, NY. Loehr said he felt like the goal of giving boosters in the U.S. should be to decrease hospitalizations, and he felt they would, but that the impact would likely be smaller than appreciated. Based on his calculations of the benefits of boosters for each age group, Loehr said if boosters were given to all 13 million seniors previously vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, we might prevent 200 hospitalizations a day, “which would be a lot,” he noted. But, he said, “considering that we have 10,000 hospitalization a day now, it’s probably not that much.” Others agreed. “I really think this is a solution looking for a problem,” said Jason Goldman, MD, an associate professor at Florida Atlantic University who was representing the American College of Physicians. “You know, I don't think it's going to address the issue of the pandemic. I really think it's just going to create more confusion on the provider from the position of implementation, and I really think it's going really far afield of the data.”
  6. Unfortunately vaccinated patients are on vents as well in some cases. Not in the same numbers of course, but it is happening.
  7. I hope he has the antibodies and you both have a safe and fabulous trip!
  8. Deaths reported by the health department are just going by the reported cause of death they are given. They are not making the call as to whether they died with or because of covid.
  9. Can you have his antibodies checked instead? The potential for fraud charges is not worth it and your friend is being asked to lie as well, right?
  10. Not sure what political affiliation has to do with it. Maybe the coroner is a liar then and perhaps Dr. Debra Birx is as well. Birx (April 7, 2020): The intent is right now, that if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.
  11. Sharyl Attkisson had a segment on this topic today. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/09/19/sharyl_attkisson_serious_questions_about_the_way_covid_deaths_have_been_counted.html
  12. Much of the misinformation on this can be credited to the president declaring that everyone would need and get a booster shot eight months after their second dose. https://apnews.com/article/joe-biden-health-coronavirus-pandemic-404cf650431f8aeee17d333180760337 A key government advisory panel overwhelmingly rejected Biden’s plan to give COVID-19 booster shots across the board and instead recommended the extra vaccine dose only for those who are age 65 or older or who run a high risk of severe disease.
  13. Wasn't he living (hiding) there? So this looks like they gave him a few days headstart on running from this.
  14. https://jambu.com/fennel/ No bonus points for me (price exceeds $50) and being that I'm well over 40 it's hard for me to judge if it screams I'm over 40😉. Do they?
  15. Yes, I think for me it's because of the disasterous exit from Afghanistan.
  16. I am aware of the protocol. I think you will see many new religious and medical exemptions given.
  17. None of the HCW I know "prefer cattle wormers" or any of the other ignorant BS you have ascribed to them.
  18. If someone is afraid of doing something mandating that they do it anyway doesn't seem like a good way to convince them to do so. Yes, I think it made them dig in their heels more. You may choose to judge them for that.
  19. You may be right that it is just the flu vax. I assumed that if you won't take one vax religious or medical reasons you would be exempt from others. I know I have heard some of them saying they won't be required to take the flu vax any more. I don't agree with mandates and would prefer that they, and all HCW, be allowed to make their own decisions regarding these vaccines. I feel like if they had not made the mandates that, in time, they may decide to get the vaccines. Now with exemptions in hand it's not likely. As far as you finding my views as a healthcare worker interesting. I don't think it's really my business whether or not my coworkers take the vaccine. I will be wearing my PPE all day every day anyway. It's worked well for me so far. No covid here.
  20. Yes, there have always been exemptions for the flu etc. My point is that those that previously took those vaccines are now exempt from all vaccines. So not only do we now have HCW that are not taking the covid vaccine they are also exempt from vaccines they would have continued to get prior to the mandates. I don't believe most of these HCF will fire their staff over this. They know they can't afford to so the threats were empty to begin with. There were better ways of encouraging HCW to be vaccinated. How about offering incentives (money, time off, etc..) rather than mandates and threats. HCW have had their fill of emails from administrators over the last 18 months of the latest crap like, no taking time off for the next X amount but, "thanks for all you do" over the past year and a half to not to expect them to dig their heels in over mandates. If incentives had been tried rather than mandates I think we would higher numbers of vaccinated rather than new exemptions. I do know of at least one young nurse who despite being given a medical exemption has decided to resign. I have no idea if any of the vaccinated HCW I work with have spread covid to others. Being that some of them have become infected it's entirely possible. I can say that none of my unvaccinated coworkers have been hospitalized for covid. Several of them had covid prevaccine.
  21. Vaccination does not prevent infection or spreading the virus 100% or even close. You are correct, they will be given the exemption (religious or medical) which will now have the unintended consequence of allowing them to not only refuse the covid vaccine but all other vaccines including the influenza vaccine. Of the 5 recent covid positives among my coworkers 4 were fully vaccinated and infected by the children.
  22. Glad to see some are finally realizing the threat to staffing!
  23. I agree that the translators and their immediate families should have been gotten out months ago. Unfortunately, we are now taking out masses people to be vetted by the same group that orchestrated this mess to begin with.
  24. I know doctors, nurses, and CNAs that are unvaccinated. I was happy to work with them pre-vaccine and I am happy to work with them now. Some of these HCW have had Covid. There is no option for those that have had Covid to opt out of the vaccine. Some (particularly the young ones) are concerned about potential future harm from the vaccines. You nor anyone else can guarantee them that there will be no future harm. They have worked all during the pandemic selflessly. For you to now decide they are selfish and non-evidence based is appalling to me! Correct me if I'm worng but you were also so very confident in "understanding the science" (supported by the twitter postings 🙄)of the virus not having come from the Wuhan Lab. Still standing on that "understanding the science"?
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