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  1. Agreed! The absolute MOST important thing is "a parent that drives the message that learning is important". I do understand that some parents may not have time to volunteer at the school. As I said, I think all could find time to send something to the classroom (A poster they made with their child for the class,or stapling as has been identified as a need here🙂 for example) or volunteer in some capacity. In my mind that helps to undergird the message that learning/school is important.
  2. Oh ok, so this guy has confused the minds of all the parents who witnessed first hand what was being taught to their children in the classroom and on Zoom. Right🙄
  3. Glad you noticed the dearth of reporting on this incident by the liberal press. Why is that? I don't follow twitter or whatever the posting above is of. Again, we heard over and over the examples from the Zoom classes were not CRT and yet, they were exactly what was/is being taught as CRT in public schools. Here we go again with don't believe your lying eyes. This post was not about CRT but about the DOJ labeling parents as domestic terrorist and calling in the FBI to investigate. This man was sited in the request to Biden to call in the DOJ. And yes, the superintendent was covering up the rape of this man's daughter. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/northern-virginia/teen-accused-of-sexual-assaults-in-2-virginia-high-schools/2831314/ https://www.dailysignal.com/2021/10/13/virginia-school-system-deflects-charges-it-covered-up-rape-of-ninth-grade-girl-by-gender-fluid-boy/
  4. The examples shown in the previous CRT thread were from Zoom lessons parents had witnessed and reported. There were none shown of CRT being presented well.
  5. Several of you justified the DOJ labeling these parents at school board meetings as "Domestic Terrorist" and having the FBI investigate them. This particular man's case, as is stated in the article, was used by the NSBA to persuade the DOJ to label parents as "Domestic Terrorist". As it turns out this was not about parents making threats against board members over mask mandates. In fact, the school board was trying to cover up the rape of this man's daughter, but he's a "domestic terrorist" according to the DOJ. The Daily Wire article is behind a pay wall. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/loudoun-county-schools-covered-up-rape-prosecuted-a-concerned-father-to-protect-its-transgender-agenda And yes, transgender is lumped in with DEI.
  6. And yet another example of school board's "domestic terrorist" the DOJ needs to send in the FBI to investigate https://nypost.com/2021/10/13/virginia-dad-vilified-for-defending-daughter-shows-rot-at-heart-of-system-devine/ Jeering progressives demonized and dehumanized him. They fat-shamed him on social media and toasted their success at getting him banned from the next school board meeting at which they passed their policy to turn all Loudoun County school bathrooms transgender. Who cares if that made girls like Smith’s daughter less safe in the process? She says the reason the June 22 meeting got rowdy was because the progressive school board had “stacked the deck” by opening public speaking slots a day early so that pro-transgender bathroom activists could fill the slate.
  7. Actually the charter school does have buses. Not sure if parents have to get their children to certain pick up spots or if the buses pick them up at their regular bus stops. I find it very hard to believe that any parent would have no time to volunteer a few hours in some capacity (baking for a bake sale for example or preparing a craft for the school) during the school year. If you think you can correct for every possible scenario to make everything fair for eveyone, good luck with that. Life is not fair. Oh please! Are you forgetting that the examples that were shown were actual classroom examples parents had observed from their children's zoom classes, not "astroturfed" ? You or anyone else on the thread that had an example of race being discussed in a classroom in a productive way could have shown that if it indeed exists. But there was not ONE example.
  8. Does he have friends outside of school? Maybe try other outside groups like scouting, 4-H, church youth group, or some other youth oriented groups. Or maybe a part time job working with other teenagers? Sorry, I'm old and don't know what other current offering in your area might be. It is so hard to see your children struggle.
  9. As was noted upthread, we did not see ONE example of this being done in the previous CRT thread. We did see multiple examples of it being done inappropriately. When schools have people like this woman involved I think we can be sure it will be inappropriately done. https://mynorthwest.com/3182734/rantz-school-equity-leader-racist-tiktok/ A local school district’s equity team leader is no longer in her role after parents discovered her racist and vulgar TikTok videos. But the school has known about her conduct for months. On her social media channel, Alicia Busch routinely attacks and mocks white people. She labels them “amoral colonizers” and explains she wants to make them uncomfortable. Though she threatens people with physical violence in some videos, she also says, “there is no safe place for BIPOC to exist when whiteness is present.” She also claims that the “American dream is white supremacy.”
  10. As I said I just don't think we can fix everything for everyone without the parents having to make sacrifices for what is most important for them. The charter school closest to my home requires parents to volunteer a certain number of hours. There are weekend projects they can help with etc, so not necessarily during school hours. I don't see this as a bad thing. Parents need to be involved. This school has been able to remain open throughout the pandemic. I am sure this has helped the working parents.
  11. I agree with this. Unfortunately, as we saw in the old CRT thread, is not at all what is/was being presented in the public schools and some private schools as well.
  12. This is my concern with social justice in the public schools. This becomes the focus and academics suffers.
  13. Just spitballing here, but how about more than one school offered on each campus. Being that everyone would not be choosing the same school maybe there would be more room to divide a school into 2 schools each with a different focus. That won't completely fix the issue I realize. Maybe the travel issue could be lessened somewhat by grouping a couple of schools on each campus. I don't think it is possible to address every possible scenario to make everything work perfectly for everyone. I do think part of parenting is deciding what the major things are for your family and finding away to make them happen. If school choice is a major thing then it is up to the parents to find a way to make it happen (ride sharing etc). I was raised by a single mom with no extended family in the area so I get how challenging that can be. With the current system if you live in an area with a crappy public school you are stuck with it. Having a choice to take your child's money to the school of your choice at least allows for the option of leaving the crappy school. I think you should be allowed to take that money and use it for private school, a different public school, charter school, and possibly for homeschooling. Not sure about the homeschooling thing though. I like the idea myself, but that could open a can of worms.
  14. I'm so sorry. I hope she is much better tomorrow.
  15. I would add that that money should go with each child to the school chosen by their parents with school choice.
  16. I doubt Randy Weingarten wants input from teachers anymore than she wants parents input. Were you asked about CRT or DEI in the classroom? https://www.wsj.com/articles/weingarten-teachers-union-critical-race-theory-crt-11626990795
  17. Skillfulness is the key. As we saw with all of the info that was presented in the CRT thread there was zero skillfulness. I do not recall one example of skillfulness in the previous thread. Am I wrong? In the US this will be/is being presented as leftist proaganda cloaked as DEI or CRT once again. More on the involvement of the FBI https://bariweiss.substack.com/p/why-are-moms-like-me-being-called What is currently happening in NYC in the name of "equality". https://thefederalist.com/2021/10/11/in-canceling-gifted-education-in-new-york-city-the-left-tells-parents-yet-again-your-kids-belong-to-us/
  18. Not all private schools are religiously oriented. The left is against charter schools (so are the teacher's unions) as well as school choice. I am not afraid of social justice. It has no place in public schools. Academics is the purpose of public schools. If school boards continue to refuse to listen to parents and insist on pushing programs the parents are not on board with I hope it will result in a mass exodus from public schools. I do hope parents and voters will insist on school choice. Why is the left so afraid of charter schools and school choice? Because they will no longer have a captive audience with no choice but the shitty one they've been given by their school board.
  19. I will not rehash the old threads as Plum posted multiple examples of how CRT has actually been being implemented in the classrooms. As I have also stated multiple times I believe schools are failing children in academics. Their focus should be on preparing children for the future not teaching social justice. Someone up thread posted that they work with a very diverse group and school needs to prepare children for that. Really?? Doesn't living your life prepare you for that? That's the parents responsibility to teach their children to treat all people with respect. I too work with a very diverse group. So what? I treat each of them as I would like to be treated.
  20. Not in the swamp or the AT. IMO, the swamp was a red herring of his parents creation to protect their ahole son and give him more time to escape. He has $1000 of Gabby's money and probably a stack of the enabling parents cash too to hide out on. I hope there is a way in the end the parents can do some time in prison for their part in this as well (if it can be proven they did as I speculate). It is appalling that the authorites were not called immediately when to creep came home with her van without her! I have no sympathy for them whatsoever even if he is dead.
  21. Nothing on the face of them. It's how they are implemented as I already stated. Just like CRT they claim it's one thing but in the classroom is is not presented that way just as @Roadrunner has already posted. Schools need to be focused on academics not social justice. If you and others would prefer your schools to focus on social justice then allowing for school choice would be a good way to ensure parents can choose the education they would like for their children to have. What's wrong with school choice? You haven't answered that yet.
  22. By @Roadrunners comments they were not brought up in the context of the class. I do love how when anyone disagrees with the lefts tactics they are labeled as a white supremacist! So typical and tedious!
  23. From the post above: "I haven’t seen anything inappropriate at our school thus far, but I do see leftist propaganda being pushed constantly. My son’s health class taught him he needs to fight for social justice to improve his emotional health. In his English class assignment they had to read an article about the lack of empathy among wealthy and outline all the ways rich people lack empathy. Even my left wing son rolled his eyes when he was reading." So you think this is acceptable to be taught in an English class or a Health class? Just like in the previous thread about CRT we will now be told over and over again that this is not DEI. It's just not being implemented correctly etc...even though there was countless evidence that it was indeed how CRT was being presented in the public schools. And just like we saw with CRT teacher's are being encouraged to interject this crap into every subject. Both CRT and DEI are at their core about equity being equal outcomes. So how can this "unempathetic rich person" have the same outcome as the less fortunate person? These same people pushing "equity" will NOT allow for school choice. Why is that?
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