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  1. Thanks for telling me about TGATB being on sale. I got the 2 and 3, even though I see they're redoing them. For the price I can just take and leave what I want, and I hoard curriculum as it is so yeah. Thanks!
  2. I think I'm just going to get the BA books and give them a try! Thanks!
  3. I'm not fully homeschooling my 6yo, she's in a public 1st grade Spanish immersion program that does mostly unstructured distance learning. She's so bored with their math, she knows how to add and subtract within 10, and do adding with regrouping. We were working through MUS Gamma, we're about half way through, but I have a used workbook, so halfway to about the last 1/4 are things like measurement, shapes, time, money - things I can't reproduce so the program is moot without the practice pages. Also, I.don't think my kid needs the repetition, and want a more varied, advance curricul
  4. Build Your Library has an evolution unit that'll work with your kid's ages if you just want something planned to supplement. Her stuff is well done and affordable.
  5. If you're in the US, how'd you find a developemental opt? Did you ask your regular optometrist? Google? Did insurance cover it?
  6. Yeah I think I need to get more blocks 😁, or tanagrams tiles (is that what they're called?) To have her recreate shapes in space. We continued the lesson, and she used a paint brush to section off on the computer screen and managed to complete the lesson (it starts over if you get 2 wrong). The program is designed to be a way to view and conceptualize math differently, that's why we're using it. I just never knew how badly we needed it. This deifnately is showing me some of what is going on in her head, and I need to find a way to solidify to her that different agles shows different sides
  7. This is my child. She uses odd word choices, and a lot of filler words like you know, this, that, it when she needs to explain more. Like shell say, Mom remember when we were over there that one time and that thing happened and it was hard? And get mad when I don't remember because after probing I found out it happened a year ago. And she gets mad I don't know what she's talking about 😑. She didn't start conversating until around 8.5. Before that it felt like I was always talking at her, which is weird, because I can conversate with my 6yo.
  8. I know I want to get her all the diagnosis. Issue is, we have guardianship of her and is on state insurance (bc she's not formally adopted by us) which is a.... difficulty. We don't have the extra money to pay out of pocket for a lot of specialized visits right now and I'm having trouble navagating resources. But I've seen how adamantly you advocate for specialized vision tests, so that's on my list. Fortunately her birth father is getting good insurance in the next few months and I'm going to doctor her all over the place. I'm wondering, since your family has visited many specialist
  9. Yeah we are doing teaching textbooks 6 (shes in 5th), and she is completing each lesson 90%+, it's just I know in my heart of hearts she's following the steps but not getting it. I'm considering doing MUS, starting half way through Gamma because I have through Epsilon, just to see if the tactile makes a difference. Only thing is I want her back in public school by 7th, and I want to keep her roughly at school standards, which is at multiplying fracfions and decimals this year. While she can learn all those things, she learned them last year in PS, she doesn't remember or internaliz
  10. I know 😥 I do ask her, she usually has a hard time explaining why. She says a lot of and this, and then this thinking I know what she's talking about. If I ask her to use phrases and words to explain like, first, add, remainder, denominator, multiply, etc. she usually says the wrong words or phrases and gets all confused.
  11. The object was to say how many 5 blocks fit in that shape. She couldn't figure it out so I figured if she physically made it with blocks she could count and see how they fit. Then I realized how big the issue was. It's just I don't know how to teach or show math sense. I feel it's just something I know and people know so idk what to do.
  12. I never thought of it that way I'm going to see if she can recreate a physical box I make.
  13. Okay, I'm reviewing some topics my 5th grade 10DD hasn't ever gotten the hang of. I knew something was off and I never could put my finger on what it was exactly. I have an example of something we're having trouble with. No matter how I explain it, she's having a hard time seeing 3D images properly and she's been guessing her way through it the whole time. Anyone have any clue how to help her? I'm so confused, she's even more confused. In the pic, I asked her to recreate the box (we're reviewing, or I though reviewing, volume) because she kept guessing the dimensions even when I poin
  14. I like the 180 Days Of series. Like 180 Days of Reading for 1st grade, they have all subjects. I have a few of them, and they cover most grade standards. I also have BrainQuest ones, which have all subjects and are colorful and great for review. Evan Moor Skill Sharpener series is really beautiful and engaging, but more teaching and revisiting than review, and are single subject. Those are the ones I have out on my shelves for lower elementary.
  15. Why though? Honestly. I mean, if people, even people of your congregation, came and said they support BLM and share why you should too.... Is that too much? Is pointing out that there's racism still too much? Like, I'm so confused where the disconnect is? Is it that you think BLM is some organized group causing all the world's problems? Like as a Christian, how can I not welcome ANYONE to my church, especially those advocating equality and peace?
  16. Yeah. I KNOW I KNOW my opinions on the thread are crap. But it's so white saviory to me to have some lady join a spanish speaking church to learn about them and be taught by them? What do you want, a tamale recipe? We are not a commodity. Like how far removed are you to think you need to join a spanish speaking church to get to know Hispanics? If some white lady wanted to befriend me to get to know me and mine, yeah, I'd be beyond wary and know what's up. But learning Spanish, visiting a church, knowing our "struggle", doesn't make you an ally.
  17. The thread should be shut down. There aren't supposed to be political threads, that's precisely what this is and what its turned into and always will.
  18. This one cracks me up. I would straight up FIGHT to prevent someone from killing another. But no, people aren't going around doing that. They're suppressing proven ways to fight those "deaths" and just like, complaining and making people feel bad and putting unnecessary buderns. Like, where are the people out there giving out condoms and allowing ALL persons access to birth control? Oh right, they're on the other side. Keep religion OUT of politics. Y'all want this to not be political. What a joke.
  19. I haven't read the whole thread yet.... But why would you need someone you know to tell you they feel unsafe to see that a specific candidate or their policies cause specific groups to feel unsafe? Do you just not believe it until you see it first hand? I mean, if one candidate hypothetically refused to denounce a hate group, I'd equate that with support of said group, but that's just me I guess.
  20. The new BYL doesn't use Hakim as spines anymore. She's redone it, and uses different books now.
  21. Hakim's books are too much for 4-6. I have them, I've tried them for my 5th grader, they don't work well. That's my suggestion if I had to pick 1 book. It doesn't cover pre Columbian times, but it's good stuff. I also love love love the Giant American History Timeline workbook for pacing, worksheets, and mkaking sure you're hitting all the right things. The Beginner's American History by HD Montgomery is also good to have. The copy I have is weirdly organized, but it's the only of I'd say a dozen books about US History/13 colonies I have that talks about the founding of
  22. Lol it's homework. Or what I call schoolwork that's done without me right there. I just call it homework. She'll want to listen to an audiobook while doing her math, or copywork, or writing assignment. It's heartbreaking, because I see how she can't focus well, so it seems like a great idea in her head to listen to a book and read an entirely different book at the same time.
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