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  1. Thanks! This is really helpful. When I look at the three week samples that I can currently see, it seems that none of it is rs4k. It is out of Usborne and some sheets that seem to be published by bookshark. I do know that I read a portion from the history section that has to do with Dinosaurs and it does talk about how long ago dinosaurs were on earth. I can see where that is a bit open to interpretation, but I don't think it is terrible for a 7 year old. This will definitely be one thing I am going to worry about with BookShark.
  2. Hello, We are new too homeschooling. We are a military family and have lived all over the country, as well as spent time in Germany. We also love to travel. Because of this, we have always considered homeschooling. During Covid we decided to do Online Learning instead of in person learning to ease into homeschooling and without question, decided to homeschool starting midyear. We plane on finishing Online Learning when break starts and starting BookShark (I need to make this easy on myself to start and this felt like a good fit) in January. Online Learning has been ROUGH. I love their teachers and think they have done an incredible job, but it just isn't working for us and I despise all the screen time and juggling meetings. I am very excited. We just ordered our curriculums and I have been already been obsessing over the samples I can read right now. I can't wait until I have access to everything. My youngest seems excited, but my older son is a bit more apprehensive. He loves all things history related, so I think he will enjoy a lot of the material.
  3. My boys are 7 & 11. I need to figure out how to add a signature here!!
  4. We have decided to homeschool (boys ages 7 &11) and I wanted a full curriculum program to start. We decided on BookShark because it seems simple. We have started with Package A and D+E condensed. I understand they are "faith neutral" rather than secular which isn't my favorite thing. I have been reading and seeing that RS4K is used, but I am not quite sure what from RS4K is used in either of those packages. I do prefer to have things as secular as possible, so I am a bit apprehensive and would like any insight on this. I think we have a pretty solid foundation on teaching evolution. We spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, visiting National Parks (we are a military family and have had the privilege of traveling a lot) so I think we are capable of teaching these things through real life learning, but I would like to know which items included in these kits I need to be wary of so I can have conversations with my kids about these topics/supplement learning where needed. I am also open to any ideas to supplement.
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