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  1. Does anyone else feel like, "Well, this is it. My last shot to get it right"?! 😉 I'm glad to have this Forum for help! I have settled on (for now!) Sonlight for my 9th grade dd. We switched over from AO and she loves the structure, the books, the workload... She is a different kid than before we switched. Yay! Now for ds. He loves AO, and I love the books. However, I have a couple of questions: 1. He's an engineering-type kid. We just ordered "Complete-A-Sketch" so he can begin to work on actual architectural/design drawings. Does anyone have any experience with this program? Any tips? 2. He is a kid that LOVES to read the Great Books. I'm still torn between AO and OWC for high school next year. My thoughts are that we can continue to follow the living science recommendations for AO, but this *may be* his last real chance to feast on these treasured books. AO includes many, for sure, but they don't have Wes Callihan to explain and bring them to life. I've seen many on this Forum who have chosen either AO or OWC, but I'd love to hear how and why you made these choices, and your experiences (especially any who have gone on to college). I don't think I can go wrong with either, and I can switch mid-stream, but I'd like to at least go in with all of the data. Thank you!
  2. I would love to hear about your experience with OWC. Will you continue? My ds is entering 9th grade next year and, after following and enjoying AO, I am strongly considering changing over to OWC for high school. I love the Great Books and feel it is just the best foundation for whatever he may choose to do in life, and OWC seems to be a great choice. Would you agree?
  3. Next year, for 9th grade, one child will be primarily using Sonlight Core 100, and the other child will be continuing his journey with AO in Year 8. To all the ladies who talked me down from my panic about this yesterday - thank you!! Now help me combine the two! 🙂 Has anyone combined these specific years? Anything you liked/didn't like, wish you had done differently? Anything that works better with both than what is presented? I do like the Hewitt Am. Lit. readers, so I would consider adding those in with both kids; and, we started using Progeny Press Literature Guides this year if a book needed some fleshing out for the reader, which is something I will (most likely) continue. I'm going to work on this on my own over the next few days (weeks?!), but any input is greatly appreciated.
  4. Now I feel silly for asking! 😀 All of your points are spot on. Thank you!!
  5. Has anyone used completely different curricula for their completely different children? How does it/ Does it work?! I have two children, dd 13 and ds 11, who have done the same curriculum AND the same level/year up to this point (currently, we are in AO7). DD is having a rough go, so after reading about the "Gap Year for 8th Graders," I decided to give it a try. I've allowed her to just do maths, reading and equine studies. She is happier, definitely, but I think that part of the issue was that the rigor of AO is just not her "love language." She is an animal lover and a horseback rider, and could just study animals and be perfectly happy. The books she has read in Sonlight hold her interest, and, as it's a lovely curriculum, I plan to move her over next year. However, ds will still be in AO. This might make me a bit batty. Has anyone done this and lived to tell about it? Obviously, I want to do what is best for them both while being the best possible teacher/partner in their education, and I'm not sure how it will work if I am focusing on two different time periods and masses of different books. Help! And thank you.
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