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  1. Maybe white polos for the boys that have a touch of red or blue in the collar?
  2. I agree with Garga. The red bandana and denim prints are a classic combo, so I think the dresses nicely complement each other and are cheerful, too!
  3. I hope she enjoys it, but I also hope it isn't literally "the quietest hour" of her day! 😎
  4. I agree! Glad I'm back in....
  5. Yay! I can post again! And get my daily dose of humor! 🙂
  6. Especially apropos for me as my sourdough starter is now 13 days old. 🙂
  7. Not a meme but I thought this was pretty cute:
  8. Many thanks to both of you! A nice complement of details and succinct. 🙂 I appreciate your time and energy in answering with such detail, and not just the above but everything. So glad you are seeing progress and especially less pain. I'm guessing that I'm older than you (60) and I want to be rid of the creaky, sneaky pains that seem to be increasing each year. Thank you, too! I'm guessing you are using On Demand? From your brief description of Now App, I wouldn't be connecting a heart rate monitor nor do I need a nutrition plan... So, to clarify in my own head, it seems that On Demand has the "core" of the workouts and the NOW App adds lots of options. I tend to be a "less is more" person, so the OnDemand seems like the one to test, at least to start with. Thanks again! You've both been a big help to me!
  9. Me again. This lockdown has me doing WAY too much sitting. I did get on the treadmill today. Yay! But I need to move the rest of my body, too. SO, in going back to look at this DDPY and exploring the site(s) a bit more, I've yet to figure out the actual difference between the DDPY NOW and the DDPY On Demand except the cost. Why is the NOW so much more than On Demand? In the past, I've used actual DVDs (Leslie Sansone, anyone? 🙂 ) and I've never done streaming/watch videos online, etc., so I'm not even sure of the jargon. Roku? No idea. However, we are now in Europe and we can't get mail (no US deliveries accepted atm due to C-19) and I need to get over this hump of not using my computer for videos. I would like to sign up for the 7 day free trial but it seems I need to choose either NOW or On Demand so I want to choose the right thing.... Please be gentle with me. 🙏 🙂 Am I correct that you are all using On Demand? Can I watch On Demand on my MacBook sometimes and then also sometimes on an iPad? With On Demand, is there a guide that says "Start with this video, then this one, then this next one..." or do we just hop around trying things? TIA and I hope you are all having great success!
  10. Those of you with a love for the science behind sourdough might appreciate a new series of mini-lectures (approx 20 min) being developed by the team with the Wild Sourdough project I mentioned earlier. There are a total of 20 mini-seminars scheduled. Three have taken place thus far and this week, Peter Reinhart (of baking bread fame) will be hosting one on baking sourdough bread! Find out more here: To view the already-held seminars, visit their youtube channel here: Fermentology YouTube Channel BTW, I'm up to day 10 of nurturing my starter. 🙂
  11. I haven't tried this recipe yet (I'm only on Day 7 of 14 in making my starter), but this is the one I'll be using first as we have pizza every week: If you are nervous, read all the comments; that's what I do before trying something totally new to me....
  12. I looked into this briefly after Lanny mentioned because I have a bunch of small but accumulated injuries (feet, wrist, elbow, sigh) so I need an non-stress exercise program. However, on the DDPY site, I couldn't figure out the difference between what's included and how On Demand vs Live Classes vs streaming. I also live in Europe (no DVDS) so I need to watch on my laptop (Mac if that makes a difference). In looking at reviews, some said the style was "abrasive". I'm not sure if that is due more to a "just the facts" delivery vs a "feel the emotion" coaching.... But, if there are different instructors (I read that somewhere, too), I'm guessing there are different styles? Can any of you enlighten me? TIA!
  13. Another possibility for frozen veggies is to boil them. Now, don't tune me out. After reading several French cookbooks, I realized that boiling veggies has its place along with roasting, stir-fries, grilling. The trick is it to first bring your pot of water to a boil, add salt, then the veggies. I start checking at 4 minutes and by 7 nearly all types are done. Add a bit of butter or EVOO and some herbs, and you have a delicious veggie side. I've had people mistake my frozen-but-boiled green beans (store brand) for fresh garden beans more than once....
  14. Not trying to convince you otherwise, but I love ❤️ my mandolin. The glove takes care of all my fears. 🙂 Last grating injury was with a vegetable peeler.... Sigh.
  15. I've done this too many times to count, and once with a mandolin (which convinced me to get one of those metallic mesh gloves). Barring any infection, keep on: keep dry, change the bandage, use neosporin. I also suggest taking extra Vitamin C which promotes healing (if you are not already with C-19 looming).
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