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  1. I'd choose comforting family-friendly food, like mac-n-cheese, maybe with some chopped ham tossed in with a side of green beans and simple cake dessert. Most of the people I know with C-19 don't have much of an appetite, especially if they've lost their sense of taste and/or smell. All of the above reheats well, freezes well, and is generally liked by children, too, if there are any in the family.
  2. My "like" is made in sympathy and solidarity.......
  3. I've never even heard the term "buggy bay" and find it hard to believe grown adults could say it without feeling abashed. (I kid, I kid. 🙂 It is cute.)
  4. This is exactly where I land, especially wrt "in nonessentials, liberty".
  5. I always enjoy reading what authors have to say about their own writings. I was never a fan of literature analysis where the reader gets to super-impose their own ideas on "what the author meant." Might be why I went in a STEM direction! But, I *love* reading what authors have to say regarding the how's and why's of their own writing. Reading Poe's essay on writing The Raven turned me on to seeking such things out...
  6. I'm back, too! I think I accidentally posted on last week's thread--an old username was resurrected when resetting the password--but then this last time getting on the forum, I've been checked back in under my most recent username. SO strange. To repost some of my recent readings: Finished: Becoming by Michelle Obama, which I found very helpful as we were already living in MNE when Obama made his appearance on the national scene. a Retirement book for those in their 50s+ (title forgotten) by Suze Orman, also found very helpful. We are playing catch-up (pastoral salary, not
  7. I'm not a crafter but I had a kid who liked to "make things sparkle." 🙂
  8. I guess I'm a wimp; 70% cocoa is the darkest that I enjoy eating as chocolate. Anything higher and it feels like work to eat it, not fun, so I don't bother.
  9. I hope I'm not derailing your thread, but since you want this bread to travel, I suggest you use a different recipe, one with yeast if you are willing to give it a go. Quick breads (eg. banana bread), by their very nature, do not develop much gluten which greatly contributes to the sturdiness of the bread. I think the Beer Bread would end up very crumbly if taken on a trip... If you want a super easy, no-knead yeast bread (which is ALSO variable in terms of flour/liquid), I highly recommend trying out this one: https://alexandracooks.com/2012/11/07/my-mothers-peasant-bread-the-best
  10. Well, any of your typical Budweisers or Millers will fall into bland. I can read the comments and people use pretty much whatever they have on hand. 🙂 from Lite Beers to dark, hoppy IPA beers. I'm of the "whatever we have on hand" and if I have to buy a can/bottle, I always get what's on sale. I'm not drinking it, after all..... And, typical additions include: herbs (fresh/dried), sautéed onions/peppers, cheeses of all kinds, olives, too. I don't personally add much to my bread because I like to put the stuff on top, not in it..... And it lends itself to more versatility. I can top
  11. NYT has a Quick Beer Bread recipe. I know some of their recipes can only be seen if you have a subscription; if you can't see it, I'll send it to you privately. I make it ALL the time and according to comments people freely add stuff to it. I've made it with beer only, with what's leftover from an open bottle and topped off with whey drained from yogurt (I make my own Greek yogurt), and sometimes, even with just the whey and no beer at all. This bread, in every version, meets with rave reviews.... It is best warm and toasted. MMMMMM. We just finished off a loaf today. Guess what wil
  12. I do a lot of baking and in that recipe the wine mainly provides liquid with some slight nuance of flavor. Given that it is a quick bread with plenty of flavorful ingredients, I would probably use water*** for the liquid aspect and a dried herb of choice to add a bit of nuance. I think apple/white grape juice could also work but would add a hint of sweetness which may or may not be to your taste. I think a vinegar blend might add too much tang. ***In actuality, I would first look and see if I had some liquid that needed using. A bit of tomato sauce? Add water and use. A tad of yogur
  13. When we moved here to Montenegro (from So. California), we encountered backyard cherry trees for the first time because our good neighbor had one. The kids often played over there, and of course, snacked on the cherries like everyone else. Once, we were visiting another family, sitting around the coffee table eating the cherries placed in the center, and my 4 year old is chomping down on them. Imagine my horror, five minutes later, when I realize that she's been spitting the seeds out the side of her mouth, to land willy-nilly everywhere!
  14. Having your paperwork done properly is crucial, but not the ONLY thing. IMO, I think if you had NOT had strong ties to the home country, you would not have been processed in barely 2 minutes. Doesn't mean you *wouldn't* have gotten a visa at some point. Also, I strongly suspect that the criteria for "strong ties to homeland" and "incentive to overstay visa" varies greatly based on the homeland country as well. But all our knowledge of "how visas work" may be somewhat dated by the time the OP's daughter is officially engaged and wedding planning! And, @happysmileylady, congrats on
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