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  1. vmsurbat1

    movie ideas needed

    We recently watched "The Hundred Foot Journey" and I've been recommending it ever since. Light drama with comedic relief. Basic Storyline: In a small French town, a first-of-its-kind Indian restaurant happens to open up right across from a Michelin-quality place--there is 100 feet between them; hence, the title. Tempers and tensions rise and fall but all works out in the end. A joy to watch.
  2. Oops. I answered too soon. No problem if the desire is to actual end up with the product. But unethical if the idea is to use it to meet a need and return when need is met.
  3. vmsurbat1

    Freezing meals

    Someone mentioned the BudgetByte recipe above. Here is a direct link to a whole slew of posts & recipes on meal prep for freezing: Budget Bytes Freezer Meals
  4. vmsurbat1

    Is this still good?

    Well, considering that Costco sells precooked bacon that lasts weeks (after being opened), unless it had green fuzzies and smelled bad, I'd eat it.
  5. vmsurbat1

    Rethinking our diet—fermented foods

    I second this! And the idea that you only need to find/discover/adopt the fermented food you like and enjoy and eat those regularly--no need to stress about having a laboratory of a zillion different fermentations (unless that is your hobby/passion).
  6. vmsurbat1

    I just had a Christmas Eve meltdown

    This is my life! I finally had to spell it out very clearly: "Just because I'm willing to go along with XYZ so much of the time, doesn't mean that when I actually state my preference/need/desire, that it is now 50/50. No, WHEN I particularly make a request or preference known, it pretty much has to be 100% that way (unless I'm missing something which may be nicely pointed out to me.). Because that actually brings us (family dynamics) up to 80% their way, 20% my way (or whatever--I'm really not counting it out.) I truly am pretty easy going, but when I'm not, I'M NOT. 😉 37 years into marriage, and the family now gets it!
  7. vmsurbat1

    Help: debt-free grad student establishing credit

    Two options that worked for our family's young adults: 1. Many CC providers have a student-specific CC, usually with a low credit amount with the aim of getting and keeping a new customer. 2. Our CU (as do many others) offers a secured CC--this is where the new CC user first puts in, say $500, and that becomes their credit limit. After 6 months or so of responsible use, the CC limit goes up a bit and the $500 no longer needs to be held since the user has proved their credit worthiness. Really, CC companies WANT people to use their CC--we didn't find it difficult at all to get our young people established with one. (We did give them the good advice to treat the CC as a debit card --only spending what they could actually afford -- and using the CC for convenience, security, and, for some, the rewards (ie. 1.5% back....)). HTH!
  8. vmsurbat1

    On-line savings accounts

    If you are looking for *just* an online savings account, I've been very happy with Barclay's Online. No fees, no minimum, and decent rate: 2.05% at present. A good place to park money. Like ALL savings account, there is a federally-mandated limit of 6 withdrawals per month but I've not been limited by amount (ie. can transfer 1000's if I needed to as long as I have it in the account). When I have transferred money to our CU checking account, I put in a request at Barclay's and the money is in our CU account, usually the next working day. (Tricky to calculate because we live overseas, but bank in the US). Been a good choice for our needs.
  9. vmsurbat1

    Ideas needed for Cookie Baking Event

    @PeterPanWhat are Cornflake wreaths? They sound intriguing and possibly doable where we live (Montenegro).
  10. vmsurbat1

    Something to do at a party with 15-25 yos?

    I second the "Make an easy ornament" idea. We live overseas so when we head stateside for the holidays (about every 2-3 years), we are in a rented home, so with few things of our own. Two years ago I went to Michael's and picked up (on sale! 70%off the week before Christmas!) foam ornament kits--a whole bunch for little $$. We didn't need to provide anything additional except scissors. Choices for everyone, easy enough to work on while chatting, very cute to hang up and decorate our rented spaces, cheap enough that no one felt obligated to hold on to it if they didn't want to. It turned out to be a big success! 🙂
  11. vmsurbat1

    A murder of crows? Have you heard this phrasing?

    I know that phrase. I think anybody who is a likes-to-read sort of person would be familiar enough with it to understand the illusion, even if they couldn't come up with that phrase independently.
  12. vmsurbat1

    Writing after NaNo...

    Well, I'm going to be lurking here for awhile. Won't be in a position to realistically commit to writing until end of January. I did like the "I'm a writer" mindset I began developing while writing every day, but can't see why I need to stress myself out about that. Feb. will roll around soon enough.... Just know that I'm vicariously enjoying your successes! Vicki PS. @Nemom, how does the Couch to 80K program work??? Sounds intriguing....
  13. vmsurbat1

    Daily Goal and Inspiration

    Just popping in to say hi and congrats to all who won like @happi duck, @Pen, and @Nemom! And Congrats to the rest of us, too, for getting some words down on paper! I made it to 25,000 words, but that is 25,000 words out of my head and down on paper. 🙂
  14. vmsurbat1

    At least I saved dessert

    Love the typo here! Gave me a good laugh this morning! (But so sorry for the disaster--I feel your pain.... BTDT).
  15. @Quill Which FB group is this exactly? I looked and there was more than one Tightwad group..... I like reading about clever ideas to make my own.... TIA!
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