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  1. Please invite me also...I have a 20 yo ds and soon to be 18 yo dd. Thank you!!
  2. Has anyone had success re-piercing their own, or their child's ears when it was not successful the first time you tried. DD had an infection on one side that just WOULD NOT go away, so after 6 months, I gave up and let them close. Now we are 6 years later and she's really wanting to wear earrings. We have questions re: "gun" piercing vs needle; and should we try to pierce in the same spot or do we have to try a new place (so earrings would not be "centered" as well). Anyone with experience/wisdom in this area? Thanks, G.

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    3 beautifully illustrated soft-cover books by Ludmila Zeman. Titles include Gilgamesh the King; The Revenge of Ishtar; and The Last Quest of Gilgamesh Excellent condition (I would consider it gift-quality) from non-smoking house. Pic attached, Price includes postage, Paypal accepted


  4. My son and I would watch a section together, then he would do 15-20 of odd-numbered problems. The next day since there was no DVD to watch, he would do the remaining odd problems, and some of the pertinent word problems. I never had him do the "Explaining Concepts" problems. Some problem sections were very long, and then I would break it up over 3 days. On chapter reviews he would do all odd problems; on chapter tests, I had him do every problem. I aimed for him to be "doing" Algebra for about an hour a day, and this "schedule" worked out to that for the most part. HTH, Georgia
  5. I had luck putting the lysine tablet in a spoonful of peanut butter and having my kids just chew it all up at once. They could still taste it somewhat, but the peanut butter helped drown out the majority of the yucky taste. HTH.
  6. How much land do you have? We had 13 guineas, raised from 2 day-old keets, on 6 acres. We "trained" them to come home to the coop at night, but they roamed around during the day. Yes, they can be loud, but they weren't up by the house all that much. We loved them, and referred to them as (not-so) cheap entertainment. The biggest cons we found were that 1) they loved to sit on our porch railing at times during the day, so they pooped on the porch! 2) they would often get a wild hair and want to roost in the trees instead of their coop (thus decreasing their survival), and 3) they liked t
  7. My math phobic son is doing well with Dolciani's Pre-Algebra. I've been pleased with how painless it has been to implement.
  8. The Sound of Beer Pretty Beer The Beer Redemption
  9. I blow dry and use a curling iron on my hair. What are you hive ladies using as a heat protectant?
  10. I'm just coming on to commiserate! My 10 y.o. dd is the same, and we use Sonlight, so it's been a lot of cutting back to ONLY those books that I think she'd enjoy!
  11. For those who use this...did you buy the Renewable Supply Kit (Consumable) and the Durable Equipment set? Is each worth the cost? I'm looking at used, but only really finding the books for sale; so thinking I will have to buy those non-book items new, and am balking at the $.
  12. Thanks for the replies! The job is in Osh Kosh. My research showed that it's usually 5 - 10 degrees colder than we are in PA, which isn't all that much, but still...
  13. Would you even allow your own personal preferences about temperature and landscape factor in a decision to move to another state? We live in PA, and love the mountains you see everywhere. I cringe to think of moving anywhere colder than it gets here, but DH's dream job has come up in Wisconsin, sigh, and he's had a favorable interview there. It's a good job, and in this economy it seems foolish not to jump at it, but I'm unenthusiastic. Should I just suck it up, or does this have any merit?
  14. Hi everyone, I'll be driving from PA to TX in the next 10 days, mostly on Westbound Interstate 40 through Tennessee and Arkansas. Can anyone local to those tell me if the flooding I'm hearing about is/will be affecting that route? Thanks! Georgia
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