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  1. My mother-in-law kept my nephew for an hour yesterday while I went grocery shopping and when I got there to pick him up (he was spending the night at my house), he was watching the last 2 minutes of a show called BEN 10 (he had watched it the hour while I was gone according to his grandma). He was nervous all day (after watching it) and I could tell that it upset him. (His parents don't get cable/satellite so the only thing he watches is WILD KRATZ). I called his mom and she said he's never seen it and so I was curious about this show. It was the only show he watched while there. He's age 6. That night he acted scared (he never does this when he is at our house) and he said that it was the show. It's a no-brainer that he's not going to watch it again since it caused such a reaction, but I'm just curious.... What can you tell me about it? For what age is it appropriate (if at all appropriate)? Any issues of concern?
  2. you're making me rethink this.......
  3. What can you tell me about Guinea Fowl? (as yard birds; not seeking info as to how they taste/how good their eggs taste). I've heard about the pros --- eating insects, tick control, etc. but what do you know about the cons? Anyone experienced them?
  4. I found this AWESOME summary on this subject: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57462902-285/comparing-the-best-ways-to-store-your-photos-online/ :-)
  5. I'm about to tackle the DVDs in my home. Trying to organize them, properly label, etc. I also want to store them online permanently somewhere. Need a website that NEVER deletes; that offers ample storage (even if for a fee); from which i can share videos with family. Perhaps that even lets me tinker with video (so that instead of sharing the entire soccer game, for example, I could clip a little smidge - say 10 seconds -- to share with family). Know of such a site? Or, maybe I don't even need a site?!?!!! What do you suggest? Do I need a software program that will allow me to do all of this (and I can use my external hard drive for backup, etc.). HELP!!!!
  6. In thinking about whether or not to have more kids, I trying to imagine myself having teens in my 50s! I'm thinking there I'll be with the aging parents and a pimply teen and all the running him/her to and fro and the stress of he/she driving and me worrying over that when I'm almost 60! ..... the thought is sobering. If we have opt to have another child, I'd be almost 39 when he/she would arrive and my husband would be 40! We're healthy, but the thought of a teen in my mid 50s...WHEW!!! When he/she is 18, I'd be 57 and my husband 58!!! Anyone there now? Or been there, done that? What's it like?
  7. You've all posted LOTS of really great thoughts/suggestions/ideas. Several angles I hadn't considered. I agree that if SHE doesn't bring it up to me and specifically ASK for my opinion, then I'm not going to mention anything to her. And, what I have to share with her are suggestions of things to think about/questions to put to herself to be 100% sure than her mind are heart and clearly AT peace with such a substantial decision. She sounded very uncertain and fearful. "I want them to own the house and NOT for it to own them" (that's a quote from somebody / not my line). as for #6 question.....I meant that, for example, if you quit supporting a missionary friend whom you had been supporting for years, and then, when he or she were home on furlough and paid you a visit, then you were embarrassed to bring them over to your large home and it became clear to both parties the likely reason for the lack of financial support due to budget cuts secondary to the home. (that was the TYPE of situation I had in mind). My thanks to ALL of you!
  8. My sister and her husband are to begin home construction in a few months and are in the early stage of finding a homeplan. They are professionals: he's an engineer and she's a physical therapist. She works part time and says she'd like to add two more days (making it 4) by next year. An educated guess is that he makes probably $115,000/year and she makes maybe $50,000/year (and would likely make $80000 or so if she worked the 4 days). They have 3 kids ages 5, 8 and 9 (they go to the local public school). They had heretofore been living in a home that is 2200 sq feet (they just sold it 3 months ago and are in a rental home currently); they sold it as they "ran out of room" and are now about to build. She called me tonight saying that they are likely going to aim for about 4500 sq. feet. but you could tell that she was apologetic about it. I've made NO judgmental statements on the matter and, on her own this evening (regarding the 4500sq ft plan she's considering) she said, "I was telling Mom that if you take off the 1500 sq feet upstairs and take off the downstairs gameroom, then that leaves you with 2500 sq. feet which is roughly larger than our old house." She repeated this two times as if trying to justify the space. She made several other apologetic statements as if she's not completely comfortable with this. Her builder says that it'll likely cost her about $125/sq ft. thus roughly $562,000. They paid $150000 for their land/acreage. Anticipated monthly taxes and insurance: $900. They have $110,000 cash to put down on it. FWIW: this home will be built near Montgomery, Alabama. She's 40 years old and her husband is 49. They plan to do a 30 year mortgage. Perfect credit score. Doubt there's any other debt. She asked me if I thought it was too much house and, before I could begin a response, she had to go abrubtly as she saw her neighbor pulling into her driveway; but told me she'd call me back tomorrow on the matter. If she asks my thoughts I think I might say while I don't know enough about her financial situation (their exact income/debts/etc.) and I can't read their hearts to begin to advise her specifically, but that I can give her some questions I'd hope we'd ask ourselves as we planned our home's size/features/qualities: (background: I myself am a Christian as is my sister and her family) 1. Can me and my husband can afford to tithe and offer money above your tithe as the Lord leads? 2. Are my motives pure (the home isn't an idol/I'm not trying to win the praise of men/etc.) 3. Is it appropriately affordable? (an appropriate amount in light of your debt/income) (I follow Dave Ramsey's advice in this area) 4. Am I going to be stressed out by it? (Will it be on my mind too much in its effects on our finances?) 5 Can my husband afford this ON HIS income (as I'm a stay-at-home mom and have no plans to return to work)? If not, am I convinced the LORD would have me to work to pay for this? 6. Can I think of 1 person that I'd be embarrassed to have over? 7. Is it a good witness to others? Now I realize that a new 10000 sq foot home for Oprah isn't the same as a 10000 sq. foot home from a person with say a $40k/year salary. So, I know that MANY variables go into determination of an appropriate size home for a family and that there are a 100 sets of rules which govern perception of ostentation. So I know that it's not a cut-and-dried equation. But, with that said, I'd like to hear from you all on your thoughts of what factors go into what you perceive to be "too much house" ? In short, I'm seeking your thoughts on this. Thanks, Bridgette
  9. Is it on a four day/week schedule as in the K-3 years, or does it go to a 5 day/week schedule?
  10. What do you aim for in your planning? To "match" public school's 180 days/year or what? Do you go August to May and aim for x number or days or do you go year-round or what? I guess I'm getting at: What's parameters guide you in planning adequate/ample educational time at your homeschool?
  11. My daughter is only 3 so we're not schooling yet, but from what I'm reading on this forum/elsewhere, many people say that they spend 3-4 hrs a day PER kid to educate him/her. Then logistically, how do you homeschool 3+ kids? If 3 kids x 3 hours each = 9 hours, how does this work? Curious, B
  12. My daughter will turn 3 this September. She detests going to the bathroom (especially #2). We began potty training about 6 - 7 months ago and even before she was potty training she didn't like to poop even in her diaper. THEN (before potty training) she would hold it in purposely (you could tell as she went to great links to put it off --- red face, squeezing buns together, etc.) and she would not go for several days until I would have to give her Miralax stool softener (Dr. advised this) to get her to go. We started potty training about 6 months ago and she STILL hates to do #2. Her #1 potty training was great, but #2 was almost always in her panties when she would go. It has NOW (this past 2 weeks) gotten to the point where she won't even go urinate to avoid the chance that the feces will come with it. Even in the morning (when I KNOW her bladder's bound to be full), she won't go to the bathroom. She cries while on the potty. I'm to the point where I wonder if we don't need a child psychologist. The doctor says her anatomy looks normal and I can't tell where the stool is hard to cause discomfort. Now we just give her the Miralax regularly and she still tries to avoid it altogether. I've ruled out falling-in-toilet phobias. I don't know where to go with this (especially since our 2nd child is due in 2 days). Has anyone else had this issue? Can you offer any advice?
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