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  1. And to you! That's cute. Thanks. :-)

  2. Wanna see something *really* scary?!?!


    Someone mentioned to me a few weeks ago that they thought I was "a little OCD." I kind of laughed it off 'cause I don't have to put my socks on twenty times to get it "right." I had no idea about "OCPD!" Ack! I didn't write that article, but I sure could have! Who'da thunk it?


    How many of those points can you claim?! I'm afraid to look! :lol:

  3. Thank you *so* much for your thoughts!

  4. Great post! You gave me *a lot* to think about! Thank you!

  5. Being right all the time is a great burden. :lol:

  6. Ah! Thanks for noticing -- and asking! It's a drawing my son did eight or nine years ago. The "nosey questions" thread made me think of it.


    We still have the "puppy" -- though she's bigger than the "old man" now. :-)

  7. Oh, absolutely! I think two weeks is good for the intro and the first ten. Shall we make this week one? :-)

  8. Finally! It arrived today!

  9. Sounds good! I'll let you know when the book gets here. :-D

  10. I ordered four books from them over a month ago. Three have arrived -- the third one just yesterday. Wanna hazard a guess as to which one I'm *still* waiting for?! Hum?! LOL!


    I guess we'll need a schedule! How many chapters do you want to do in a week? Too many and we'll be sunk before we start -- too few and I'm thinking it will take us a year to finish. Since you've already started on it once, what's reasonable for you?

  11. Okay! DQ it is! I ordered it from eCampus.com. This is my second transaction with them -- and problems with both. You're right! Even though the closest B&N is 100 miles away it *still* would have been faster! I'd still do it, but eCampus charges a 10% restocking fee on returns! I think I'm 'bout done with them. :-)

  12. LOL! Yes -- as a matter of fact I don't think I've "met" anyone yet who has actually finished it, though I thought most people enjoyed it -- it was just too long.


    Just the shear size of the thing has me thinking one read is plenty! LOL! Hum -- what makes it such a difficult read, do you think? Is it the translation? Frankly it's been so long since I ordered it -- and I was looking at two translations -- I'm not even sure which one is coming! I have the Britannica Great Books of the Western World set, which includes the John Ormsby translation, but the type is too small for these ol' eyes and I wanted a book I wouldn't be hesitant to write in, if it came to that.


    The chapters are short, at least, which would help with a sense of accomplishment!


    BUT if you've given it a try and found it tedious, maybe we could do another book? Is there something else you've been wanting to read? Or do you really want to give DQ another try. :-)

  13. Well, I'm going to *try* to journal it! It's so long, I think I'll need to! I was just going to "blurb" each chapter. I hadn't really decided how dedicated I was going to be to TWEM yet.


    Hum -- do we need a social group for this? Accountability? ;-)


    Why didn't you get past chapter eleven? You weren't bored, were you? Just busy with other things, maybe?


    I will be *really* surprised if the book doesn't arrive within the next week or so. :-)

  14. Do you want to read DQ with me? When the book gets here, anyway -- LOL!

  15. Not usually the case, but on this one -- I'm easy! LOL! And I had a great day! So you get first pick! ;-)

  16. Thanks! That was sweet of you to say. We are very proud of her. :)


    She is quite a bit bigger, though -- probably time for a new pic. :lol:

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