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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Thank you again, for your kind words. Love your friends list album, by the way. I grew up with Shetland Collies and have a real soft spot for them.

  4. Your parental advice posts always exude wisdom and grace.

  5. Norman Rockwellosis and Hallmark Greeting Cardosis should be added to the DSM.

  6. :)Thank you for being my friend.:)

  7. Thank you!

    I'm so dang proud of him.


    Oh, am I allowed to be proud of him? Or is that a no-no?

  8. Awesome post, Tibbyl, in the 'acceptable dating age' thread! You're an incredible Mom! :thumbup:

  9. Congratulations on husband's promotion.

  10. You're the genuine Straight Talk Express.

  11. Being right all the time is a great burden. :lol:

  12. Love your new avatar, Tibby!!!! Poor LBJ. Always felt sorry for the man.

  13. "...a guerilla fighter in the BFBC." Bwahahahaha! Priceless. You win.

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