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  1. Hubby says to make sure your chimney cap is not clogged. Ash builds up along the holes and makes it smokey. He also suggests cracking a window. Sometimes it is related to air flow (especially if your house is newer) You should be able to call any certified chimney sweep and ask some questions over the phone. They should be willing to give you some pointers to try. Hope you figure it out.
  2. My oldest used this with a teacher at co-op in junior high and they did most of the initial work over one week. They would turn in their work and the next week they would start the next assignment. Then they would begin alternating between the new assignment and a revision of the previous assignment. week one: do lesson one, skill builders etc through the week. turn in first draft of assignment. week two: do lesson two etc turn in paper and rewrite week one paper with corrections from checklist. week three: do lesson three etc, turn in paper and rewrite week 2 paper They got into a rhythm after awhile. I would follow the student book and refer back to the TM if you aren't sure what they are trying to explain to the student. My daughter still uses many skills that she acquired during her two years spent on write shop. Good luck.
  3. I would recommend the teachers manual because each day you are working with the meeting book. This is where they practice the calendar, days of the week, skip counting, etc. The sevens arrive because we have been bouncing around the calendar and discussing how many days in one week, two etc. we've also been skip counting by twos which will help with the 2's times tables and they've introduced fives and tens. I think they introduce the easiest ones to understand first and then bring in the tougher ones. It worked for us. Eventually you learn them all. Just keep practicing the cards.
  4. Could be a dairy intolerance. My daughter would get very plugged up for awhile until we removed milk products from her diet. She stopped having stomach aches and things slowly returned to normal. Her issues seemed to start around puberty as well. She had always eaten tons of dairy with no issues before that. Once things simmered we let her have dairy with a lactaid chewable supplement that she takes right before she eats dairy foods. Just a thought. Hope that helps.
  5. Hubby and I finished 3 miles tonight. Love the cool California evenings. :thumbup:
  6. My daughter is taking the education part on the computer...........$20.00 When she passes the test they will mail a certificate to take to the DMV. This will get her the permit I think. We are in ~California. I am investigating now to see if I can pass as an instructor with the local DMV to permit me to teach her the required behind the wheel portion. If not it is at least a few hundred bucks around here for the 6-8 hours behind the wheel with the instructor. If I can get around this somehow I'm gonna try. Then you have to log at least 30 hours of behind the wheel practice before you can take your test.
  7. My husband and I actually received a phone call to be on the program once. They were looking for a chimney sweep family. I told my husband that there was no way in h*ll we were going to do that show. Not even for the money. I think it was $20,000. I knew for a fact they would make us look like idiots and freaks and I would not put my family under a microscope like that. I guarantee that we would have been paired up with complete opposites. Christian, homeschooling family paired up with ????????? I guess we'll never know.
  8. How to Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People by Les Giblin
  9. I prefer to carry cardholder with atm card, Id etc and my keys/phone in my pocket. But I do have a big ol bag that I use too. currently: Book....Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence insurance papers invitations to a holiday event for our business to give to clients zippered bank envelope because I deposited moolah at the bank yesterday yellow lined notepad from meeting on Monday night educational business training cd gum two protein bars one protein shake rhodiola energy supplement 4 pens Artistry light up lip gloss sansa mp3 player usually a check book but not this morning A fun spin off thread could be what's in your car? If you are a messy like me that could be interesting.
  10. After pulling teeth to get my youngest ds8 through LA and Math he is finally outside riding his dirtbike. I have just been paged......he crashed. Later everyone. He's fine.
  11. Didn't walk much at all this week. But hubby and I finished a five mile walk tonight in about an hour. Back to eating right tomorrow. (my feet hurt though) Good luck everyone. Any movement is a good thing. Do what you can, when you can. :grouphug:
  12. Amway claims to be made in the USA. I know most of there stuff is made here but would be uncertain without further investigation where some of the main ingredients come from. Just my 2 cents.
  13. I used my newly acquired sore throat as a reason to curl up and fall asleep on the couch instead of walking with my hubby.
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