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Learning to Outline, advise needed

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Hello, I thought I would ask for advise here on the board for this.


My son, 6th grade, is working through the R&S 5 English, and we have just reached the lesson on learning to outline.(Lesson 34)


Can someone here let me know other things that you have used to find sources to outline from? We live overseas, so I can't get a book, I would need more like some type of passages that are on the internet that we could outline from. Any ideas? I am seeing that we need to practice this skill more than is in the book, just the one lesson.


I would appreciate any help with this.

Thanks so much


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and we found them helpful. 'finding the main topic' and 'outlining' are the ones we used, and we also use R&S (5&6) for grammar.

:iagree:We're using Outlining w/ my dd. I asked her if it was helping and she said yes, she understood better what she was supposed to do.

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