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  2. Hi "CookieMonster",


    Thanks for the friend request. Don't be a stranger...:001_smile:

  3. Your welcome. I thought Dr. Phil's show on homeschooling was interesting.

  4. THanks for posting the link to Dr. Phil's show on homeschooling. It's nice to see how the world is viewing homeschooling. I think Dr. Phil tried to show a balanced approach to the subject.


    I began homeschooling as an unschooler and quickly realized that it wasn't working for us. I did a relaxed approach to homeschooling for K-4 and stepped up the academic expectations slowly each year. My oldest ds wanted to attend high school and so we found one that we all liked. He completed his first year in high school and we've all been happy with that decision.

  5. Hi Spy Car! Just added you to my friends list. Don't be a stranger...:001_smile:

  6. Hi, glad to have you on this board. Homeschool groups in Texas..
  7. Hello! I am from the DFW area.
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