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What are your favorite phonics games?

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I'm still undecided what phonics program we're going to use. I have HOP that someone gave me, but I have been told that Abeka is great at teaching kids to read. I'm waiting to see what my homeschool library has in stock and what I can find at the used curriculum sale. My question is, what phonics games/manipulatives have used used to make learning a little more fun? My son is busy, but he's ready to learn to read. We've been working through the ETC A,B,C books (which he's breezing through) and homeschoolshare.com's free ABC lapbook to buy myself some time. The plan is to start working with him this summer since he's ready and teachable.


So, what are some fun things you like to play?



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I like Happy Phonics. It goes well with ETC if you plan to continue with that. I also like the Evan-Moor Phonics Centers. As far as manipulatives go, magnetic letters are great. The Leap Frog Fridge Phonics are a really fun way to practice letter sounds.


If you have an specific questions about what's mentioned above, please let me know and I'll try to answer them.



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I have one, my remedial students like it as well, but younger beginning students who can blend can play it, just use the letters they've learned so far. My daughter has played since she was 4!




I have some suggestions for using magnetic letters at the end of my "how to teach a beginning student" webpage:




For light phonics over the summer, take a good program and use it from a whiteboard a bit a day instead of working out of a book. We really enjoyed Webster's Speller, but PP or OPG are good and complete, and Blend Phonics is a good start and free from Don Potter: http://www.donpotter.net/education_pages/blend_phonics.html

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you can play bingo and make the board the letters and the cards you read out loud are letter sounds. then if they have them down cold, make the board and cards the blends. You can do memory with capital and lower case. One of our favorite games though is expensive but you can find it used very inexpensively - The Phonics Game - http://www.healthyplace.com/adhd/add-focus/the-phonics-game/menu-id-1580/

it has a lot of different games in it. I think I paid $50 and I see them sell for that on ebay.


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