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Yet another front loader question...how much detergent

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I got a FL Frigidaire, the cheapest model, from Sears, and some 7th Generation powder.

The powder says follow manufacturers specs on how much detergent to use.

Owner's manual says to follow the package directions on the detergent box.


What a bunch of wimps.

How much do you use? I put in a quarter cup and ditto of Oxiclean and I have a lot less suds than I did with a smidge of liquid detergent.


Thanks for your time and trouble.

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I'm a cheapskate.

I'd start out with a tablespoon or two, and then see how it goes. If it seems like things aren't getting clean enough, I'd add a bit more at a time until it seems like the job is being done to your satisfaction.

We have a bunch of rumble-tumble teenagers, and a *dairy* farm. We know how to make our laundry dirty, lol! :D Even with those extenuating factors, I've found that it only takes a little bit of most detergents to do a fine job.

Of course, ymmv...

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