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Read-Aloud book rave (Tripod series by John Christopher)

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My kids and I are hooked. We just finished The White Mountain. It provided excellent fodder for discussing the nature and value of freedom. We can't wait to read more! We love sci-fi, anyway, but this was really well done. My oldest three were a captive audience for most of the story (ages 8, 7, and 4)--and I was interested, too! :)


We're going to back and read the prequel, which I'm glad I already checked out from the library. :tongue_smilie:


Here's the chronological order of the books (and Wikipedia entries):





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Wow, I wouldn't have thought of them for such a young audience. They can be pretty intense.


I first read them in late elementary school and still enjoy them. His other stuff is more depressing. And the prequel is a bit depressing too ... but at least the series ends okay.

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I loved them. I wouldn't think early elementary kids would find them interesting, as they are not very fast paced, at least not the first one. But maybe I'm wrong. I have been planning on having DS read them and glad for the reminder!

Michelle T

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